March 27, 2014

February 26, 2014 - March 26, 2014

Water Elemental will now go into invisible with it's owner


Soulstone will no longer cause issues with Druid's Eclipse power


Beast Mastery spirit beasts and rare pets:








    Ever-Core the Punisher

    Terrorpene, Ankha

    The Evalcharr


    will now be present with rare spawns

Rare pets Hellgazer and Madexx can now be tamed

Crystalline Tear of Loyalty will now be lootable by all rare pets



    Warmaster Blackhorn scripted (normal)

    ▪ More trash has been scripted


        Resonating Crystals corrected

    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

        Corrections to all Globules

        Multiple Globules issue corrected

        Cobalt Globule will now only take mana from casters

    Hagara the Stormbinder

        Lightning storm targeting corrected

Throne of the Four Winds

    Conclave of Wind

        Many corrections and tweaks



        Minor corrections

Halls of Origination


        Health Corrected


Battle for Gilneas released

    Fixed timers and graveyard logic

Dalaran Sewers released

Arena system rewritten

    Leaving queue after confirmation to join dialog has popped has penalties

    Leaving arena during prepartion now has penalties

    MMR Boosting no longer possible

    You may leave arena if you die, the change in points will be based on whether your teammates win or not

    Rating gain now has intended values

    Arena (match results) window will now propely show participating teams MMRs

    Arena (match results) window now properly shows change in personal rating

Random battleground number generation corrected

Inactive aura for Report-AFK player system fixed, it will now remove player from Battleground when it expires


All Class and Race base levels stats have been refactored

Fradd Swiftgear, Dasnurimi and Teep Topup will now have items for sale

Stormwind Guards duplicate of Elwynn Guards in Ridgepoint Tower and Elwynn Forest have been removed

Ambassador Gaines, General Hawthorne and his Steed have been spawned

Baelog, Zamael Lunthistle, Hansel Heavyhands, Olaf, Sven Yorgen, Tsul'Kalu, Mahamba and Pogeyan have been spawned

Kvaldir Bonesnapper damage corrected

Gurubashi Arena graveyard added

Vashj'ir graveyards added

Windward Heart will now only heal 1 most injured target

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps will now properly proc during Battlegrounds and Arenas

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps: Tentacles now have 15,000 hitpoints

Subdued Abyssal Seahorse mounting fixed

Potion of Illusion will no longer flag target for pvp


    Have Group, Will Travel fixed


Hero's Call: Feralas! and Hero's Call: Felwood! can now be started from Hero's Call Board

Borean Tundra

    Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need: object respawn time corrected

    Preparing for the Worst: object respawn time corrected

    The Wondrous Bloodspore: object respawn time corrected

    Super Strong Metal Plates!: object respawn time corrected

    Winterfin Commerce: object respawn time corrected

    Picking Up the Pieces: object respawn time corrected


    Creature Comforts: object respawn time corrected

    Relics of the Snow Leopard Goddess: object respawn time corrected

    Mushroom Mixer: object respawn time corrected

    Pure Evil: object respawn time corrected

Sholazar Basin

    My Pet Roc: object respawn time corrected

    Lifeblood of the Mosswalker Shrine: object respawn time corrected

Howling Fjord

    Winterhoof Brave's quest-line requirements corrected

    Hasty Preparations: object respawn time corrected

    Down to the Wire: object respawn time corrected

    Daggercap Divin': object respawn time corrected

    The Dead Rise!: object respawn time corrected

    One Size Does Not Fit All: object respawn time corrected

    The Artifacts of Steel Gate: object respawn time corrected

    Adding Injury to Insult fixed

    The Depths of Depravity: objects fixed

    A Lesson in Fear fixed [h]


    Into the Fold: object respawn time corrected

    Emerald Dragon Tears: object respawn time corrected

    Scattered To The Wind: object respawn time corrected

    Mystery of the Infinite fixed

    Black Blood of Yogg-Saron fixed [h]

Grizzly Hills

    Vial of Visions: Hazewood Bush respawn timer corrected

    From the Ground Up: object respawn time corrected

    Why Fabricate When You Can Appropriate?: object respawn time corrected

    Shred the Alliance fixed

    Shredder Repair fixed

The Storm Peaks

    Rare Earth fixed

    Equipment Recovery: object respawn time corrected

    Cave Medicine: object respawn time corrected

▪ Netherstorm

    Bloodgem Crystals fixed

    Abjurist Belmara: drop rate of Belmara's Tome corrected

    Cohlien Frostweaver: drop rate of Cohlien's Cap corrected

    Conjurer Luminrath: drop rate of Luminrath's Mantle corrected

    Battle-Mage Dathric: drop rate of Dathric's Blade corrected


    Standards and Practices fixed

Blade's Edge Mountains

    Grulloc Has Two Skulls: pre-req quest corrected

    Ogre Heaven: pre-req quest corrected

    Exorcising the Trees fixed

    Spirit Calling fixed [h]

    Silkwing Cocoons fixed [h]


    The Twin Ziggurats: object respawn time corrected


    Scavengers Scavenged fixed

    Blisterpaw Butchery fixed

Dustwallow Marsh

    Lieutenant Paval Reethe can now be started at Theramore Guard Badge [a]


    A Bird of Legend fixed


    Portals of the Legion fixed [a]

    Hunting Brendol fixed [a]


    A Noble Brew fixed


    Lou's Parting Thoughts fixed

Burning Steppes

    Not Fireflies, Flameflies fixed

    SEVEN! YUP! fixed

Western Plaguelands

    The Endless Flow fixed

    Ashes to Ashes: faction of Andorhal Force-Commander fixed

    Northridge Lumber Mill: faction of Nathaniel Dumah fixed

Southern Barrens

    Pick-a-Part fixed

    Back in the Fight fixed

Northern Stranglethorn

    Welcome to the Jungle no longer requires The Hunt

Stonetalon Mountains

    Nothing Left for You Here: Furien has been spawned

    Leave No Man Behind! fixed

    Shuttin Her Down fixed [a]


    Explosives Shredding fixed

    A New Adornment fixed


    Return to Sage Palerunner can now be started at Empty Pedestal [h]

    Return to Vestia can now be started at Empty Pedestal [a]

Searing Gorge

    Thorium Point: The Seat of the Brotherhood fixed


    Reason to Worry: Overseer's Orders will now drop from Shatterspear Overseer

    Against the Wind fixed


    Ferocitas the Dream Eater fixed

    Oakenscowl fixed


    Breaking Waves of Change fixed

    Coaxing the Spirits fixed [a]


Arena system rewritten

▪ 17 exploit fixes

▪ 5 crash fixes

February 26, 2014

February 10, 2014 - February 25, 2014


Dragon Soul

    ▪ 25 man normal released on all realms

    ▪ Loot has been corrected

    ▪ Resonating Crystals target count corrected

    ▪ Warmaster Blackhorn

        ▪ Scripting underway

    ▪ Hagara the Stormbinder

        ▪ Several small tweaks

        ▪ Ice Tomb fixed

        ▪ Focused Assault fixed

    ▪ Yor'sahj the Unsleeping

        ▪ Cobalt Blood of Shu'ma tweaked

        ▪ Deep Corruption tweaked


    ▪ Ragnaros

        ▪ Ragnar-O's corrected

▪ Throne of the Tides

    ▪ Heroic: Throne of the Tides fixed

    ▪ Old Faithful fixed

    ▪ Throne of the Tides fixed

    ▪ Erunak Stonespeaker

        ▪ Interrupt corrected

End Time

    ▪ Echo of Tyrande

        ▪ Moonbolt will now be cast on current target only

▪ Zul'Aman

    ▪ Daakara

        ▪ Corrections to flame spells


Transport desync issues have been mostly fixed

▪ Minipet addons will now load before summon, example: fixes aura loading for Disgusting Oozeling

Gilneas (Worgen Starting Area) - Clear your cache

    Rescripted zone

    Fixed loot

    Fixed phase spell casts for gilneas creatures


    Mobile Banking fixed

    Working Overtime fixed

    "Guild Level" achievements fixed

    "Complete Challenge" achievements fixed

    "Complete Challenge Type" achievements fixed

Legacy Vendor Quartermasters Toren Landow and Rugok will now have 4.3 additions

The Moonspray transport has been removed

Creature currency has been reworked

Tanrir's Overcharged Totem targeting corrected

Flintlocke's Woodchucker internal cooldown fixed

Creatures in invisibilty will no longer target players that can't see them

Kelsey Steelspark has been spawned and associated quests fixed

The timer that indicates how long it takes until the player can reclaim their corpse now starts counting down when the player releases their spirit instead of when they die. Fixes an issue where the 'Accept' button in the reclaim corpse window would already be clickable but have no effect

▪ Added Line of Sight check for fleeing-movement target point. Prevents fleeing or feared units from going to upper floor ignoring walls/ceilings

▪ Fixed issues with spells using MaxRadius not considering radius spellmods


▪ Midsummer Fire Festival

    A Light in Dark Places fixed

    Wild Fires in Kalimdor fixed

    Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms fixed

    The Festival of Fire fixed

    The Festival of Fire fixed

    Flickering Flames in Kalimdor fixed

    Flickering Flames in the Eastern Kingdoms fixed

    Marking the Path fixed

▪ Darkmoon Island

    Tan My Hide fixed

▪ Deepholm

    Battlefront Triage fixed

▪ Icecrown

    Deep in the Bowels of The Underhalls fixed

    Blood in the Water fixed

    Relief for the Fallen: Telluric Poultice will no longer count twice on use

Death's Gaze fixed

    A Visit to the Doctor fixed

    The Stories Dead Men Tell fixed

▪ Dragonblight

    Defiling the Defilers fixed

    All Hail Roanauk! fixed [h]

    The Power to Destroy fixed [h]

▪ Grizzly Hills

    Life or Death fixed [a]

    The Runic Prophecies fixed [a]

    The Runic Prophecies fixed [h]

    Wolfsbane Root fixed

    Runes of Compulsion fixed

▪ Borean Tundra

    Hah... You're Not So Big Now! fixed [a]

    Fruits of Our Labor fixed [a]

    Hatching a Plan fixed

    Call to Arms! fixed [a]

    Emergency Supplies fixed

    Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph C fixed

    Emergency Protocol: Section 8.2, Paragraph D fixed

    There's Something Going On In Those Caves fixed

    Karuk's Oath: will no longer require alliance-only prequest and will be available for horde

▪ Zul'Drak

    Making Something Out Of Nothing: objects fixed

    Breaking Through Jin'Alai fixed

    Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess fixed

    This Just In: Fire Still Hot! fixed

    Feedin' Da Goolz is now available for all races

▪ Sholazar Basin

    Dreadsaber Mastery: Stalking the Prey fixed

    Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Perch fixed

    Powering the Waygate - The Makers' Overlook fixed

    Weapons of Destruction fixed

    The Underground Menace fixed

▪ Howling Fjord

    We Can Rebuild It fixed [a]

    Trust is Earned fixed [a]

    Leader of the Deranged fixed [a]

    Trident of the Son: Rotgill's Trident drop rate corrected

    Rescuing the Rescuers fixed [a]

    The Frost Wyrm and its Master fixed [a,h]

    Alpha Worg fixed [a]

    The Dead Rise!: will no longer require alliance-only prequest and will be available to horde

▪ The Storm Peaks

    The Gifts of Loken fixed

    Changing the Wind's Course fixed [h]

    Cave Medicine: Toxin Gland drop rate corrected

▪ Shattrath City

    Restoring the Light fixed

▪ Hellfire Peninsula

    The Path of Glory fixed

    Bleeding Hollow Supplies fixed

    How to Serve Goblins fixed

    Avruu's Orb fixed

▪ Nagrand

    Not On My Watch! fixed [h]

    Bring Me The Egg! fixed

▪ Terokkar Forest

    Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk fixed

    Clues in the Thicket fixed

    Torgos! fixed [a,h]

    Fires Over Skettis fixed

▪ Shadowmoon Valley

    Dissension Amongst the Ranks... fixed [a,h]

    A Lesson Learned fixed

    Blast the Infernals! fixed

▪ Blade's Edge Mountains

    From the Ashes fixed

    Grim(oire) Business fixed

    What Came First, the Drake or the Egg? fixed [a]

▪ Netherstorm

    Building a Perimeter fixed

    Getting Down to Business fixed

    Captain Tyralius fixed

    Measuring Warp Energies fixed

    Invaluable Asset Zapping fixed

    Elemental Power Extraction fixed

▪ Un'Goro Crater

    The Scent of Lar'korwi fixed

▪ Arathi Highlands

    Sunken Treasure fixed

▪ Thousand Needles

    Go Blow that Horn fixed

    Free the Pridelings fixed

▪ Ashenvale

    Astranaar's Burning! fixed [a]

    Bathed in Light fixed [a]

    Of Their Own Design fixed [a]

    The Forest Heart fixed [a]

▪ Stonetalon Mountains

    Ashes to Ashes fixed

▪ Burning Steppes

    A Heap of Delicious Worg fixed [a,h]

    I Am the Law and I Am the Lash fixed [a,h]

▪ Hillsbrad Foothills

    Studies in Lethality fixed

▪ Tanaris

    Butcherbot fixed

▪ Desolace

    Blood Theory re-fixed

    Portals of the Legion fixed [a,h]

▪ Eastern Plaguelands

    Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy: faction corrected

▪ Wetlands

    The Cursed Crew fixed

▪ Dustwallow Marsh

    Twilight of the Dawn Runner fixed [h]

▪ Southern Barrens

    Lifting the Siege fixed [a]

    Mangletooth fixed [a,h]

    Meet the New Boss fixed [h]

▪ Feralas

    Sealing the Dream fixed [a,h]

    Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants fixed [a]

    Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs fixed [a]

    Forces of Nature: Treants fixed [a]

    Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons fixed [a]

▪ Winterspring

    Winterfall Activity fixed

▪ The Hinterlands

    Faces of Evil fixed

    Find OOX-09/HL!: creature spawned

▪ Blasted Lands

    Some People Just Need Killing fixed [h]


    Refleshification fixed [h]

    Nine's Plan fixed [h]


    A Flare Fight fixed [h]

    The Root of All Evil fixed


    Livin' the Life


    Power Over the Tides fixed


    Back to Basics fixed

Ammen Vale

    Healing the Lake fixed [a]


    Deactivate An'owyn fixed [h]

    Investigate the Amani Catacombs fixed [h]

    A Little Dash of Seasoning fixed [h]

Sunstrider Isle

    The Shrine of Dath'Remar fixed

Bloodmyst Isle

    Nolkai's Words fixed

    The Sun Gate fixed

    What We Don't Know... fixed

Azuremyst Isle

    Aiding the Injured fixed

Eversong Woods

    Deactivating the Spire fixed

Elwynn Forest

    Wanted: James Clark fixed


▪ Internal changes to creature system

▪ Internal changes to spell system

▪ 2 exploit fixes

▪ 4 crash fixes

February 14, 2014

January 29, 2014 - February 09, 2014

Feign Death and Deterrence are no longer castable while holding a Battleground flag

Battleground flags can no longer be obtained while Camouflage is active

Fingers of Frost will no longer proc from  Frost Armor chill

▪  Whirlwind and Bladestorm's Whirlwind will no longer cast offhand-trigger without offhand weapon equipped

Raging Blow (Offhand) will no longer trigger without off-hand weapon equipped

Strikes of Opportunity will no longer proc from  Sweeping Strikes extra attack


▪ Throne of the Tides

    ▪ Instance has been released

Throne of the Four Winds

    Corrected spawns for Arkania and Al'akir

▪ Dragon Soul

    ▪ Hagara the Stormbinder

        ▪ Fixes to entire encounter


Soar Hawkfury now has a quest-giver icon

NPCcs missing from Scryer and Aldor banks in Shattrath have been spawned


Borean Tundra

    Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free fixed

Howling Fjord

    We Call Him Steelfeather fixed


    A Worthy Weapon fixed


    The Good Doctor... can now be started at Soar Hawkfury [h]

    Return to Soar will be now finished by Soar Hawkfury [h]

    Avenge this Atrocity! and End Arcanimus are now available to both factions


    Forge Camp: Annihilated fixed

Blade's Edge Mountains

    Felsworn Gas Mask can now be turned in at Legion Communicator

    Deceive thy Enemy can now be turned in at Legion Communicator

Shadowmoon Valley

    Asghar's Totem fixed

Blasted Lands

    The Amulet of Grol fixed [a,h]

    The Amulet of Sevine fixed [a,h]

    Curtail the Darktail fixed

    Demoniac Vessel: quest items will now always drop while on the quest

Silverpine Forest

    Honor the Dead fixed

The Hinterlands

    It's Ours Now fixed [a,h]

Stonetalon Mountains

    And That's Why They Call Them Peons... fixed

▪ Thousand Needles

    Freezing the Pipes fixed

Burning Steppes

    Into the Black Tooth Hovel: Blackrock Disguise fixed


    Into the Dragon's Mouth fixed [a]

    The Swift, the Fierce, and the Stout fixed [a]


    The Mosshide Job: creature templates updated

Sunken Temple

    Pool of Tears: objects fixed

Dun Morogh

    Entombed in Ice fixed


▪ 1 explot fixes

▪ 2 crash fixes

January 31, 2014

January 11, 2014 - January 28, 2014

Battle Trance will now proc from the appropriate spells


Dragon Soul

    The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple wing released

▪ Blackwing Descent

    ▪ Achieve-a-tron fixed

    ▪ Silence is Golden fixed

    ▪ Full of Sound and Fury fixed

    ▪ Parasite Evening fixed

▪ Throne of the Tides

    ▪ Corrections to trash hitpoints and mana

    ▪ Faceless Watcher, Gilgoblin Hunter and Spirit Witch scripted

    ▪ Caster trash will no longer run after players

    ▪ Aggro range on trash corrected

    ▪ Ozumat doors will now open after Sentries are dead

    ▪ Ozumat

        ▪ Timers corrected

        ▪ Ozumat will spawn in phase 2 and idle until phase 3

        ▪ Phase 2 add spawns corrected

        ▪ Ozumat Blight added in phase 2

    ▪ Commander Ulthok

        ▪ "Translation" whispers fixed

        ▪ Corrected timers and knockback after Squeeze

▪ End Time

    ▪ Echo of Tyrande will no longer melee attack


Added preliminary code support for Guardian summons, Fiery Imp supported for now

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps (all versions) fixed

Ursangous has been spawned

Garona Halforcen has been spawned

Kaldorei Spirit is now visible

Training Dummy combat log output fixed

▪ Enchanting

    ▪ Enchant Boots - Lesser Accuracy added to trainers

    Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner added to Dealer Jadyan


    Changing rank order is now limited to Guild Master


Alliance S.E.A.L. Equipment will now finish Pay Attention! and start Helm's Deep quests

Mount Hyjal

    Agility Training: Run Like Hell! fixed

Vash'jir: Kelp'thar Forest

    Pay It Forward fixed [a,h]

    Girding Our Loins: objects spawned

    To Arms!: objects spawned

    Bring It On! fixed

    Ain't Too Proud to Beg fixed

    An Opened Can of Whoop Gnash fixed

    Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark now required An Opened Can of Whoop Gnash to be completed

    Oh, the Insanity! fixed

    Shark Weak fixed


    It's All Fun and Games fixed


    Worm Wrangler fixed

The Storm Peaks

    Is That Your Goblin? fixed

Howling Fjord

    Sniff Out the Enemy can now be turned in at Dragonskin Scroll

    Jack Likes His Drink fixed

Grizzly Hills

    Subject to Interpretation fixed

    The Darkness Beneath fixed

    Rallying the Troops fixed

    The Darkness Beneath now requires Attack on Silverbrook to be completed before acquiring

    Vordrassil's Fall now requires Attack on Silverbrook to be completed before acquiring

    Vordrassil's Seeds now requires A Possible Link to be completed before acquiring

    Destroy the Sapling now requires A Possible Link to be completed before acquiring

Borean Tundra

    The Honored Ancestors fixed

    Stop the Plague fixed

    Blending In fixed

    Neutralizing the Cauldrons fixed

    Leading the Ancestors Home fixed

    Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!: respawn time for cages corrected

    Picking Up the Pieces can now be turned in at Elder Atkanok

    Leading the Ancestors Home can now be turned in at Elder Atkanok

    The Lost Spirits script will now properly reset on creature respawn

Terokkar Forest

    The Eyes of Skettis fixed

Shattrath City

    City of Light fixed


    Blessing of Incineratus will now be possible to complete for others without a server restart

    Survey the Land fixed


    Surveying the Ruins fixed

Hellfire Peninsula

    Burn It Up... For the Horde! fixed

    The Eyes of Grillok fixed

    Fel Spirits fixed

    A Burden of Souls: Shattered Hand Berserker will no longer give double credit

Blasted Lands

    The Charred Granite of the Dark Portal fixed


    When the Going Gets Tough, Cheat fixed

Burning Steppes

    Scrapped Golems fixed

Northern Barrens

    Read the Manual: Copperplug spawned

Southern Barrens

    Blood of the Barrens: Carved Boar Idol drop fixed

Hillsbrad Foothills

    Cry of the Banshee fixed

    Decimation fixed

    Infiltration fixed

    Proving Grounds fixed

Thousand Needles

    In the Outhouse fixed

Eastern Plaguelands

    Buried Blades fixed

    To Take the Abbey is now available from Crusader's Flare

    To Take the Barracks is now available from Crusader's Flare

    Warchief's Command: Badlands! is now available from Warchief's Command Board

Arathi Highlands

    Wanted! Otto and Falconcrest can now be turned in at Captain Nials

The Cape of Stranglethorn

    Details of the Attack fixed

    Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me fixed


    The Threat of Flame: Rampant Fire Elementals have been spawned

    The Mosshide Job: Mosshide Gnoll and Mosshide Mystic have been spawned

    For Peat's Sake fixed


    Open Their Eyes fixed

    Do the Imp-Possible fixed

    Impsy phasing corrected

    Ruumbo Demands Honey: Ruumbo's Honey Stick can only be used near a Deadwood Honey Hive

The Hinterlands

    Summoning Shadra fixed

Dustwallow Marsh

    The Lost Report is now available from Loose Dirt [h]

    The Orc Report is now available from Loose Dirt [a]

    WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous is now available from Wanted Poster

    WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous: Goreclaw the Ravenous spawned


    The Seeds of Life fixed


    Friends Come In All Colors: Ergll spawned


    Keepin' the Haggis Flowin' fixed


    Maul 'Em With Kindness fixed

Tirisfal Glades

    A Thorn in our Side fixed


▪ 3 explot fixes

▪ 4 crash fixes

January 12, 2014

Decemberr 12, 2013 - January 10, 2014

Glyph of Strangulate fixed


Druid Balance PvP 4P: Eclipse Energy fixed

Ravage will no longer consume  Clearcasting when  Stampede bonus is active

Thrash periodic damage attack power coefficient fixed


Focus Magic will no longer give additional bonus to target and will be removed on proc if caster no longer has talent active

Improved Hot Streak will now properly reset counter on non-critical strikes

Absorbed periodic damage (and  Shadow Word: Death backfire damage) will properly remove polymorph

Early Frost will be de-activated after cast-end no longer allowing two  Frostbolt casts to benefit from it

Arcane Blast with  Master of Elements will no longer reset stacks on crit


Added special delay for Prayer of Mending, healing will be now done after damage is dealt to player

Lightwell health corrected, will no longer be 1HP


Seed of Corruption cast by Soulburn will now refund  Soul Shard after detonation

Seed of Corruption damage threshold corrected

Soul Fire will no longer consume  Soulburn if  Empowered Imp is active

Soul Leech will now properly restore mana on trigger

Glyph of Seduction will no longer remove Unholy Frenzy

Glyph of Seduction will no longer prevent  Shadow Word: Death backlash damage


Nature's Guardian cooldown corrected

Earth Shield will now properly retain it's internal cooldown if the target is a creature

Mana Tide Totem will no longer calculate short-duration auras into its bonus

Maelstrom Weapon proc chance improved

Nature's Blessing will now affect Riptide

Deep Healing mastery will now affect Earth Shield

Flametongue Weapon will no longer proc twice and will now have correct damage

Searing Totem will now select target in the following order:

    Target with  Stormstrike and Flame Shock ->
    Target with  Stormstrike ->
    Target with Flame Shock


Sic 'Em! talent will now be properly consumed by Pet's basic attacks

Focus Fire spell-alert from Frenzy max stack will be shown only if player has Focus Fire talent


Instant Poison should now have 0.09*AP bonus instead of 0.1*AP

Deadly Poison should now have 0.14*AP(0.035 tick) bonus instead of 0.12*AP(0.03 tick)

Glyph of Blind will no longer remove Unholy Frenzy


Warrior Shout's will no longer remove stealth


▪ Throne of the Four Winds

    Conclave of Wind scripted

    Al'Akir scripted

Throne of the Tides

    Corrections to teleporters and gates

Dragon Soul

    The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple encounters and trash fully scripted

        ▪ Reiterated from old changelog as development continues on the remaining encounters of Dragon Soul

    ▪ Loot for all bosses added on all modes

    ▪ Hagara the Stormbinder

        ▪ Further corrections to teleporters

    ▪ Ultraxion

        ▪ Mechanics implemented

Baradin Hold

    ▪ Argaloth

        ▪  Fel Firestorm will no longer hit twice

Bastion of Twilight

    ▪ Sinestra

        ▪ Will now properly appear as a boss

        ▪ Corrections to Phase 2


    ▪ Gothik

        ▪ Script rewritten

        ▪ Wave orders and timers corrected

▪ Dungeon Finder

    ▪ Players in combat are no longer able to teleport into an instance


Fun Stuff (Christmas and New Year)

    ▪ Cow King and instance scripted

    ▪ Bob the Yeti and instance scripted

Tol Barad portal now requires level 85

Players will be no longer able to water-walk after resurrection

Tauna Skychaser has been spawned

Portal to Wildheart Point  fixed

Crador will now offer fly-master option

Starfall Village NPCs will be now friendly to horde

Quartermaster Dernhak will now offer vendor-options

Bluescale Sigil fixed

Moonwell Chalice fixed

Darkmoon Card: Tsunami will no longer proc from every spell

Fortune Cookie fixed

Seafood Magnifique Feast fixed

Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor (all versions) fixed

Souldrinker (all versions) fixed

Kiril, Fury of Beasts (heroic) internal cooldown fixed

Subdued Abyssal Seahorse will now properly work under water


    ▪ Alchemy Specializations are now obtainable for Alliance

    ▪ Only one Alchemy specialization is now allowed at a time


    Only one Engineering specialization is now allowed at a time


    Shalehide Basilisk will now be skinnable


Fixed paths that have delays, will no longer be infinitely delayed (fixes several quests)

Spawned Jadrag the Slicer and Kaldorei Spirit for Wintersping quests

Grizzly Hills

    Seared Scourge fixed

    Gray Worg Hides: Gray Worg Hide drop rate increased

Borean Tundra

    Lupus Pupus fixed [a]

    Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly fixed

    Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern fixed

Howling Fjord

    Gambling Debt fixed

The Storm Peaks

    The Hero's Arms: Stormhoof's Spear and Stormhoof's Mail drop rate corrected

    The Missing Tracker: Spawned Tracker Val'zij


    The Blessing of Zim'Abwa fixed


    Bloody Imp-ossible! fixed


    Impending Attack fixed [h]

Terokkar Forest

    Welcoming the Wolf Spirit fixed [h]

Hellfire Peninsula

    Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways fixed [a]

    Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz fixed [h]

    The Demoniac Scryer fixed [h]

Hillsbrad Foothills

    Helcular's Rod Giveth... fixed


    The Arcane Storm Within fixed


    The Battle Plans: The Battle Plans will be now accessible from Woodpaw Battle Map

    Perfect Yeti Hide: Perfect Yeti Hide will now properly drop

    Mountain Giant Muisek fixed

    Testing the Vessel: Beast Muisek Vessel now requires a dead target

    Hippogryph Muisek: Hippogryph Muisek Vessel now requires a dead target

    Treant Muisek: Treant Muisek Vessel now requires a dead target

    Faerie Dragon Muisek: Faerie Dragon Muisek Vessel now requires a dead target


    Destroy the Legion: Mannoroc Lasher and Searing Infernal will now count toward quest credit

    Shadumbra's Head: Shadumbra's Head will now properly drop

    Ursangous's Paw: Ursangous' Paw will now properly drop

    Sharptalon's Claw: Sharptalon's Claw will now properly drop

    Simmer Down Now fixed [h]

Dustwallow Marsh

    Suspicious Hoofprints will be now available to take from Suspicious Hoofprints

The Hinterlands

    Warchief's Command: The Hinterlands! will be now available from Warchief's Command Board

Stonetalon Mountains

    Jin'Zil's Blessing will now properly be re-doable after previous players have used the quest item

Redridge Mountains

    Wanted: Redridge Gnolls will now be available from Wanted poster at Tower Watch

▪ Un'Goro Crater

    ▪ The Bait for Lar'korwi fixed

    ▪ Volcanic Activity: Un'Goro Ash drop rate corrected

    ▪ The Fare of Lar'korwi fixed

    ▪ The Scent of Lar'korwi fixed


    ▪ Nature and Nurture fixed

    ▪ Wanted: The Demon Hunter fixed [a]


    ▪ Down In Thelgen Rock fixed [a]

    ▪ The Floodsurge Core fixed [a]

    ▪ Mired in Hatred fixed [a]

Southern Barrens

    ▪ Speaking Their Language fixed [h]

    ▪ The Low Road Roadway Plans will now drop properly

    ▪ Clear the High Road: spawns corrected

    ▪ The Nightmare Scar fixed

    ▪ Warriors' Redemption fixed [h]

    ▪ Parts-is-Parts fixed [h]

    ▪ A Line in the Dirt fixed [a,h]

Northern Barrens

    ▪ Verog the Dervish fixed [h]

    ▪ By Hook Or By Crook fixed [h]

    ▪ A Growing Problem fixed [h]

    ▪ Into the Raptor's Den fixed [h]

    ▪ Competition Schmompetition loot corrected [h]

    ▪ Sludge Beast! fixed


    ▪ A Wrinkle in Time quest linking fixed


    ▪ Feed of Evil fixed [h]

    ▪ The Restless Earth fixed [h]


    ▪ Stepping Up Surveillance fixed [a]

    ▪ Twice Removed fixed [a]

    ▪ Elune's Fire: Elune's Torch drop rate corrected

Dun Morogh

    ▪ Decontamination fixed [a]

Elwynn Forest

    ▪ Bounty on Murlocs fixed


    ▪ Like Pike? fixed [h]


▪ 6 explot fixes

▪ 23 crash fixes

December 7, 2013

November 05, 2013 - December 09, 2013

Feedback thread to report problems related to the changelog can be found here.

Debuff stacking system has been written and implemented

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Faerie Fire
    Expose Armor
    Sunder Armor
    Corrosive Spit
    Tear Armor

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Frost Fever
    Infected Wounds
    Infected Wounds
    Judgements of the Just
    Earth Shock
    Thunder Clap

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Tendon Rip

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Necrotic Strike
    Mind-numbing Poison
    Curse of Tongues
    Lava Breath

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Scarlet Fever
    Scarlet Fever
    Demoralizing Shout
    Curse of Weakness
    Demoralizing Roar
    Demoralizing Roar
    Demoralizing Screech

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Critical Mass
    Shadow and Flame

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Earth and Moon
    Master Poisoner
    Curse of the Elements
    Jinx: Curse of the Elements
    Jinx: Curse of the Elements
    Fire Breath
    Lightning Breath

The following will no longer stack with eachother

    Brittle Bones
    Brittle Bones
    Savage Combat
    Savage Combat
    Blood Frenzy
    Blood Frenzy
    Acid Spit

The following will no longer stack with eachother

     Devotion Aura

The following will no longer stack with eachother

     Ancestral Fortitude
     Ancestral Fortitude


Will of the Necropolis proc cooldown corrected

Runic Corruption will no longer grant haste

Leap (pet) will no longer cast when the pet is rooted/stunned

Rune Strike will be available to use in Blood Presence after death (without switching presences)


Feral Charge will now stop at first collision position


Pyroblast! will no longer trigger Improved Hot Streak

Ring of Frost range corrected and invalid-target error at its deapplication

Combustion is now calculated considering the base amplitude without haste modifications


Conflagrate will now be modified by 'damage increased' or 'decrease damage taken' effects on target


Tremor Totem stun immunity corrected

Searing Totem will now prioritize targets with Flame Shock or Stormstrike

Unleash Life is now able to crit


Focus Fire spell-alert added when Frenzy reaches max amount

Killing Streak fixed

Aimed Shot damage corrected

Kill Shot damage corrected


Venomous Wounds damage will no longer trigger Master Poisoner and will no longer place in combat every time


Victory Rush will no longer scale with spellpower

Vigilance will now be removed from target on proc if caster doesn't have spell anymore (spec change)


Dragon Soul

    Scripted more trash throughout the instance

    The Siege of Wyrmrest Temple encounters and trash fully scripted

Throne of the Tides

    Lady Naz'jar

        Corrected Vortexes pulling players under the map

        ▪ Vortex spawn and movement corrected

        Teleporter corrected

    Commander Ulthok

        Spell and phase timers corrected

        Corrected void zone position

        Corrected Squeeze animation and post-knockback

        Dark Fissure spawn position corrected

        Model size corrected


        All timers corrected

        Sapper phases correct

        Leashing distance corrected

▪ Firelands

    ▪ Further corrections to Ragnaros encounter bringing it closer to blizzlike

    Some trash stats have been further corrected

▪ Baradin Hold

    Occu'thar and Alizabal loot corrected

    Valor point rewards corrected


    Momma Said Knock You Out (10 player) (all modes) fixed

    The Safety Dance (10 player) (all modes) fixed

    Spore Loser (10 player) (all modes) fixed

    Heigan the Unclean

        Eye stalking npc scripted

    Noth the Plaguebringer

        Curse of the Plaguebringer (all versions) fixed

    Maexxna and Gothik the Harvester

        Corrected loot amount

        Corrected gossip

Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman

        ▪ Random heroic dungeons will now award Valor Points for the first run, and Justice points for subsequents



    Teams will no longer gain or lose wins/losses, personal rating, matchmarker rating, team rating if a team does not join

    It is no longer possible to have ghost games in the armory due to this change, every game that starts is now logged


▪ Calender has been enabled

Relics and Thrown Weapons have been added to Valor and Justice Points vendors

It is no longer possible to fly in Eversong Woods, Ghostlands and Isle of Quel'Danas

Nethergarde Defender will no longer appear dead

Jezelle Pruitt will now run a lesson about demons for Warlocks

Corrected equipment of 4,000+ creatures and npcs

Stay of Execution: Stay of Execution fixed

The Sleeper: Weighted Blades fixed

No'Kaled, the Elements of Death: Item - Dragon Soul - Proc - Agi Melee 1H Axe Heroic fixed

Indomitable Pride: Indomitable fixed

Matrix Restabilizer crit rating fixed

Trinkets, banners, food and other consumables are no longer double-use exploitable

Jezelle Pruitt will now run a lesson about demons for Warlocks

Faction Change

    All titles are now converted properly to the opposing faction title

    The following items will now convert to the opposite faction

        Reins of the Golden King

        Alliance Battle Standard

        Battle Standard of Coordination

        Mountain Horse

        Swift Mountain Horse


    Transmute: Living Elements scripted


    Glyph of Frost Armor can finally be discovered


     Vicious crafted Neck, Cloak and Rings are now available

     ▪  Tome of Burning Jewels will now discover a random Cataclysm epic gem recipe



    Save the Children! fixed


    Arcane Missiles for Worgen fixed

    Charge for Worgen fixed

    Steady Shot for Worgen fixed

    Eviscerate for Worgen fixed

    Immolate for Worgen fixed

    Flash Heal for Worgen fixed


    Your Time Has Come fixed [a,h]

    A Legendary Engagement fixed [a,h]


    A Wrinkle in Time fixed

    All-Seeing Eye fixed

Eastern Plaguelands

    Postponing the Inevitable hotfixed


    Blood Theory fixed


    Closure is Only Natural fixed [a]

Eversong Woods

    Swift Discipline fixed [h]


    Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure (part 1 - 4) fixed

    Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me: spawns corrected

    Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless fixed


    Break the Unbreakable fixed

Southern Barrens

    A Growing Threat: corrected creature templates

Deadwind Pass

    Arcane Disturbances fixed

Blasted Lands

    Minor Distractions corrected

Hellfire Peninsula

    Zeth'Gor Must Burn! fixed [a,h]

    Mission: The Abyssal Shelf fixed [a,h]

Terokkar Forest

    An Improper Burial fixed


    Blessing of Incineratus fixed

    Standards and Practices fixed [h]

    Bring Me The Egg! fixed


    Balance Must Be Preserved fixed

Borean Trundra

    Through a Glass, Darkly fixed

    Nordrassil's Bough fixed

    Emergency Extraction fixed

    At One fixed

    Time Grows Short fixed

    Alignment fixed

    Heart of Flame fixed

    Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! fixed

Howling Fjord

    To Westguard Keep!: Admiral Keller will now be able to send you to Westguard Keep

The Storm Peaks

    Defending Your Title fixed

Grizzly Hills

    Out of Body Experience fixed

    Hollowstone Mine fixed [a]

    Souls at Unrest fixed [a]

    A Name from the Past fixed [a]


    No Rest For The Wicked fixed [a,h]

The Nexus

    Actionable Intelligence fixed

    Postponing the Inevitable script improved

Blackrock Caverns

    What Is This Place? is no longer auto-complete

    To the Chamber of Incineration! is no longer auto-complete

    The Twilight Forge is no longer auto-complete

    Do My Eyes Deceive Me? is no longer auto-complete

    Ascendant Lord Obsidius is no longer auto-complete

Kelp'thar Forest

    The Abyssal Ride fixed

Mount Hyjal

    Delegation fixed

    The Return of Baron Geddon correction added


 Database optimizations

 7 exploit fixes

▪ 13 crash fixes

November 3, 2013

October 21 - November 01, 2013

Feedback thread to report problems related to the changelog can be found here.

Flame Shock can no longer spread to untargetable units


Blackrock Caverns

   ▪ Instance has been released

   ▪ All boss and trash hit points, damage updated

   ▪ All timers for boss spells corrected

   ▪ Rom'ogg Bonecrusher

      ▪ The Skullcracker corrected

   ▪ Corla, Herald of Twilight

      ▪ Evolution behaviour corrected

      ▪ Spell visuals corrected

      ▪ Dark Command can now be interrupted

   ▪ Karsh Steelbender

      ▪ Conflagration spells that were missing have been added

      ▪ Duration of the bound Flames and lava pools corrected

   ▪ Ascendant Lord Obsidius

      ▪ Obsidius regenerating health in combat fixed

      ▪ Shadows are now rootable

      ▪ Raz death sequence corrected

Baradin Hold

   ▪ Instance has been released

   ▪ All boss and trash hit points, damage updated

   ▪ All timers for boss spells corrected

   ▪ Alizabal

      ▪ Skewer fixed

      ▪ Seething Hate fixed

      ▪ Blade Dance fixed

   ▪ Occu'Thar

      ▪ Eyes will no longer target the tank

   ▪ Argaloth

      ▪ Fel Firestorm fixed

      ▪ Consuming Darkness fixed

End Time

   ▪ Murozond

      ▪ Players will no longer be stuck dead after Rewind Time has been used

      ▪ Murozond will no longer spam his outro after the killing blow has been dealt

      ▪ Murozond now has loot

      ▪ Killing Murozond will now properly give players Heroic: End Time

The Bastion of Twilight

   ▪ Sinestra

      ▪ 2 Twillight Slicers will now spawn in 10man and 3 will now spawn in 25man

   ▪ Cho'Gall

      ▪ Conversion will now properly be cast on 2 targets in 10man and 5 targets in 25man

   ▪ Valiona and Theralion

      ▪ Twilight Rifts will now properly be closed when Twilight Sentries are killed

   ▪ Halfus

      ▪ Halfus will now properly receive a damage taken debuff each time a drake is killed

   ▪ Ascendant Council

      ▪ Arion will no longer teleport into walls

      ▪ Cryogenic Aura is now activated every 5 seconds instead of 3 seconds

      ▪ Threat from spells have been corrected on Aion and Terrestra

Dragon Soul

   ▪ Hagara scripted


Conquest point formulas have been updated


The Flag of Ownership fixed

D.I.S.C.O. fixed

Summon Enabler Stalker will no longer stalk and attack players (present in every Cataclysm dungeon / raid)

Internal cooldown of the following items corrected

   ▪ Arrow of Time

   ▪ Maw of the Dragonlord (all variations)

   ▪ Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind (all variations)

   ▪ Ti'tahk, the Steps of Time (all variations)

   ▪ Cataclysmic Gladiator's Insignia of Victory (Season 11)

   ▪ Blood of Isiset

Souldrinker : Drain life effect corrected

Matrix Restabilizer buff corrected


   ▪ Leaving guilds and rank issues introduced by the recent update have been corrected

   ▪ Profession spell tab has been enabled

   ▪ Profession spells will now properly update when a player joins or leaves the guild

   ▪ Guild data is now restored when rejoining the same guild

      ▪ Reputation and activity saved for only 30 days

      ▪ Tab and money withdraw settings saved for only 1 day

      ▪ Week reputation and week activity saved for only the current week


Quests that no longer worked after the recent update have been corrected

Mount Hyjal

   ▪ Speech Writing for Dummies fixed


   ▪ Get Kraken! fixed

Borean Tundra

   ▪ Merciful Freedom fixed

   ▪ The Honored Dead fixed [h]

Howling Fjord

   ▪ Eyes of the Eagle script improved

Grizzly Hills

   ▪ Anatoly Will Talk fixed

   ▪ A Sister's Pledge fixed

   ▪ Sasha's Hunt fixed

   ▪ Hour of the Worg fixed


   ▪ Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me fixed [a]

The Hinterlands

   ▪ Hunt the Keeper: Morta'gya the Keeper corrected [a,h]

   ▪ Ongo'longo's Revenge fixed [a,h]

Tirisfal Glades

   ▪ Fields of Grief: Tirisfal Pumpkin will now properly restock

Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave

   ▪ The Emblazoned Runeblade corrected

   ▪ Death Comes From On High corrected


32 crash fixes

3 exploit fixes

October 20, 2013

October 05 - October 20, 2013

Feedback thread to report problems related to the changelog can be found here.

Item - Druid T12 Balance 4P Bonus: Wrath corrected

Euphoria bonus will now be calculated before tier bonuses and no longer double its additional energy

Prowl is now usable in arenas without issues

Feral Charge no longer has a diminishing return group


Masochism: Fixed possible chance of hit points being counted from attacker and not caster


Ice Lance will no longer receive double bonus from Frostburn

Pyroblast dot will no longer stack with Pyroblast!


End Time

   ▪ Instance has been released

   ▪ Echo of Baine scripted

   ▪ Echo of Jaina scripted

   ▪ Echo of Sylvanas scripted

   ▪ Echo of Tyrande scripted

   ▪ Murozond scripted

The Bastion of Twilight

   ▪ Instance has been released on all modes

   ▪ Corrected stats, hit points, damage for all bosses, adds and trash in all modes

   ▪ Extra time has been put in to make the flying bosses animations for landing and taking off much smoother

   ▪ Halfus Wyrmbreaker

      ▪ Corrected drake and whelp activation

      ▪ Added hover and takeoff visual

   ▪ Valiona & Theralion

      ▪ Rewrote Twilight Zone

      ▪ Devouring Flames damage reduction fixed

      ▪ Twilight Shift implemented

      ▪ Dazzling Destruction fixed

      ▪ Twilight flames are now visible in the twilight zone

      ▪ Added dragon "amore" effect in twilight zone

      ▪ Twilight Sentry Implemented

      ▪ Flight and Landing animation corrected

      ▪ Increased the amount of unstable twilight spawns

      ▪ Fabulous Flames  will now properly ignore phased players

      ▪ Deep Breath will now properly kill phased players

      ▪ Upon wiping, bosses will now reset correctly

   ▪ Ascendant Council

      ▪ Lightning Blast and Chain Lightning chain distance corrected

      ▪ Gravity Well spawn positions corrected and added pre-spawn visual

      ▪ Glaciate damage formula corrected

      ▪ Liquid Ice spawn position corrected

   ▪ Cho'Gall

      ▪ Worshipping fixed

      ▪ Players can no longer cast during Conversion

      ▪ Flame's Orders and Shadow's Orders fixed

      ▪ Heroic death / outro sequence implemented

      ▪ Darkened Creations behaviour and visual fixed

      ▪ Corruption: Malformation will now properly ignore the player it's mounted on

   ▪ Sinestra

      ▪ Infusion and timers corrected

      ▪ Wrack damage when dispelled corrected

      ▪ Twilight Drakes, Whelps and Spitecallers implemented

      ▪ Twilight Essence implemented

▪ Dragon Soul

   ▪ Yor'sahj the Unsleeping scripted

   ▪ Hagara the Stormbinder scripting underway


   ▪ Further corrections to Ragnaros timers

   ▪ Heroic Ragnaros will now properly enter Phase 4 at 10% health

   ▪ Blazing Heat will now longer be cast on the target with aggro

   ▪ Breadth of Frost: timers and spawn location corrected

   ▪ Engulfing Flames and World In Flames are now invicible

   ▪ Meteors that are trapped Breadth of Frost will now take extra damage

   ▪ Riplimb will no longer get stuck on terrain obstacles

   ▪ Meteors will now spawn after the animation from the sky is completed

   ▪ Alysrazor: Hatchling spawn conditions corrected

   ▪ Lord Rhyolith movement corrected

   ▪ Ragnaros: meteors will only select players; meteors will select nearest target, different from the previous target

   ▪ Blazing Talon Initiate hit points corrected

   ▪ Molten Erupter and Spewer will no longer act wacky when being attacked by a pet

   ▪ Death Knight pets will now receive aoe damage reduction correctly

   ▪ Achievements will now trigger for everyone in the group if the member that deals the killing blow is far from the group

   ▪ Entrapping roots will now properly spawn on the Ragnaros platform

▪ Baradin Hold

   ▪ Fixes to all bosses, trash and objects

   ▪ Alizabal script rewritten and many corrections to be more blizzlike

▪ The Vortex Pinnacle

   ▪ Altairus

      ▪ Lightning Blast casting conditions corrected (players off the platform)

      ▪ Looting of Golden Orbs corrected

   ▪ Howling Gale knock-back fixed

The Deadmines

   ▪ Conditions to make rats spawn for achievement Rat Pack fixed

   ▪ Molten Slag from heroic difficulty will no longer spawn on normal difficulty

Wailing Caverns

   ▪ Druid of the Fang spawns have been removed from outside the instance


Bug that caused creatures to randomly enter evasion state until server restart has been corrected

Passenger Mounts have been corrected

   ▪ Mekgineer's Chopper

   ▪ Mechano-Hog

   ▪ X-53 Touring Rocket

   ▪ Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

   ▪ Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth

   ▪ Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth

   ▪ Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth

   ▪ Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth

   ▪ Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth

   ▪ Vial of the Sands

Kiril, Fury of Beasts internal cooldown corrected

Thousands of creatures throughout the world have had their Hit Points, Experience and Level corrected for 4.3.4

Franklin Brinklestein and Muurald vendors corrected

Eric "The Swift" has been spawned in Badlands

John J. Keeshan spawned in Burning Steppes

Algaefin Rockfish School has been replaced by Deepsea Sagefish School

Casting a negative spell on a friendly player if the original caster is hostile is now possible

Libby Parker faction corrected


   ▪ Do a Barrel Roll! fixed

   ▪ Death from Above fixed

   ▪ Bucket List fixed

   ▪ Not an Ambi-Turner fixed

   ▪ Share the Pain fixed

   ▪ Ragnar-O's fixed

   ▪ It's Frost Damage fixed


   ▪ Removal of members fixed

   ▪ Client crash when removing certain players from guilds fixed


3,000+ quests that have been removed in Cataclysm are now unavailable within the game

Twilight Highlands

   ▪ Finding Beak fixed

Abyssal Depths

   ▪ Into the Totem fixed

Kalp'thar Forest

   ▪ Shark Weak fixed

   ▪ Better Late Than Dead fixed

   ▪ Gimme Shelter! fixed


   ▪ Scourge Tactics fixed

   ▪ Set it Off! fixed [a]

   ▪ A Short Fuse fixed [a]

   ▪ Destroying the Altars fixed


   ▪ Sewer Stew: respawn timers tweaked [a,h]

   ▪ Mustard Dogs!: respawn timers tweaked [a,h]

   ▪ Infused Mushroom Meatloaf: respawn timers tweaked [a,h]

   ▪ Cheese for Glowergold: respawn timers tweaked [a,h]

   ▪ Convention at the Legerdemain: respawn timers tweaked [a,h]


   ▪ Blood Oath of the Horde fixed [h]

   ▪ Atop the Woodlands fixed [a,h] - Unlocks the rest of the long quest-chain

   ▪ The End of the Line fixed [a,h] - Unlocks the rest of the long quest-chain

   ▪ Defending Wyrmrest Temple fixed

   ▪ Torture the Torturer fixed [h]

   ▪ Something That Doesn't Melt fixed

   ▪ Galakrond and the Scourge fixed

   ▪ On Ruby Wings fixed

   ▪ Slim Pickings fixed

   ▪ Leave Nothing to Chance fixed [a]

   ▪ Reclusive Runemaster fixed

Howling Fjord

   ▪ A Carver and a Croaker fixed

   ▪ The Yeti Next Door fixed [a]

   ▪ Drop It then Rock It! fixed [a]

   ▪ Danger! Explosives! fixed [a]

   ▪ Stunning Defeat at the Ring fixed [a]

   ▪ The Rune of Command fixed [a]


   ▪ Creature Comforts fixed

   ▪ Eggs for Dubra'Jin fixed

   ▪ The Blessing of Zim'Torga fixed

   ▪ The Blessing of Zim'Rhuk fixed

The Storm Peaks

   ▪ Ample Inspiration fixed

   ▪ Sniffing Out the Perpetrator fixed [a]

Sholazar Basin

   ▪ A Hero's Headgear fixed

   ▪ Tormenting the Softknuckles fixed [h]

Borean Tundra

   ▪ The Collapse fixed [h]

   ▪ The Art of Persuasion fixed

   ▪ The Mechagnomes fixed [a]

   ▪ Allies in Dalaran fixed [a]

Bloodmyst Isle

   ▪ A Map to Where? fixed [a]

   ▪ Saving Princess Stillpine fixed [a]

Azuremyst Isle

   ▪ Red Snapper - Very Tasty! fixed [a]

Dustwallow Marsh

   ▪ Raze Direhorn Post! fixed [a,h]

   ▪ Prisoners of the Grimtotems: cages will now respawn properly

   ▪ Corrosion Prevention fixed

   ▪ Raptor Captor fixed [a]

   ▪ Challenge to the Black Flight fixed

   ▪ Nat's Bargain fixed

   ▪ Inspecting the Ruins fixed [a,h]

   ▪ Take Down Tethyr! fixed [a]


   ▪ Turning the Earth fixed

   ▪ Get Them While They're Young fixed [a]

Un'Goro Crater

   ▪ Carried on the Waves fixed

Sunstrider Isle

   ▪ Healing the Wounded fixed [h]

Southern Barrens

   ▪ Working the Bugs Out fixed [a]

   ▪ Silithissues fixed [h]

   ▪ Bad to Worse fixed [h]

   ▪ Make 'em Squeal fixed [a]

   ▪ A Growing Threat fixed [a]

   ▪ Don't Stop Bereavin' fixed [h]

   ▪ Sowing a Solution fixed

Northern Barrens

   ▪ Competition Schmompetition fixed [h]

   ▪ Samophlange fixed [h]

Western Plaguelands

   ▪ Those That Couldn't Let Go fixed [a]

   ▪ A Mighty Hunger fixed [a]

   ▪ It's About Time! fixed

   ▪ Zen'Kiki, the Druid fixed

   ▪ I Ain't Sayin' You a Gourd-Digger... fixed

Eastern Plaguelands

   ▪ Frederick's Fish Fancy fixed


   ▪ Ogre Abduction fixed [a,h]

   ▪ Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons fixed [a]

   ▪ Forces of Nature: Wisps fixed [a]

Loch Modan

   ▪ WANTED: The Dark Iron Spy fixed [a]


   ▪ Calming the Kodo fixed

   ▪ The Karnitol Shipwreck fixed [a]

Shadowmoon Valley

   ▪ The Fate of Kagrosh fixed [h]

Blasted Lands

   ▪ The Downfall of Marl Wormthorn fixed [a]


   ▪ Corki's Gone Missing Again! fixed [a]

   ▪ HELP! fixed [a]

   ▪ Cho'war the Pillager fixed [a,h]


   ▪ Creatures of the Eco-Domes fixed

   ▪ A Not-So-Modest Proposal fixed

   ▪ Electro-Shock Goodness! fixed

   ▪ Torching Sunfury Hold fixed

   ▪ Naaru Technology fixed

   ▪ Stasis Chambers of Bash'ir fixed

   ▪ The Horrors of Pollution fixed

   ▪ The Archmage's Staff fixed

Hellfire Peninsula

   ▪ Laying Waste to the Unwanted fixed [a]

Terokkar Forst

   ▪ The Final Code fixed [a]

Shattrath City

   ▪ The Multiphase Survey fixed

Blade's Edge Mountains

   ▪ Ride the Lightning fixed [a]

   ▪ Whelps of the Wyrmcult fixed

   ▪ The Thunderspike fixed [h]

Stranglethorn Valley

   ▪ Bloodsail Treachery fixed


   ▪ Ruumbo Demands Honey fixed

   ▪ Ruumbo Demands Justice fixed

   ▪ Wisp-napping fixed [h]

   ▪ Weeding the Lawn fixed

   ▪ Dance for Ruumbo! fixed

   ▪ Squirrely Clean fixed

   ▪ Wisps of the Woods fixed

The Hinterlands

   ▪ Summit of Fate fixed [a]

   ▪ Razorbeak Friends fixed [a]

Arathi Highlands

   ▪ Breaking the Keystone fixed


   ▪ The Sentinel's Pawn fixed [a,h]

   ▪ The Warden's Pawn fixed [a,h]

   ▪ Rhea Revealed fixed

Burning Steppes

   ▪ A Perfect Costume fixed (all variations)

Stonetalon Mountains

   ▪ Free Our Sisters fixed [a]

   ▪ Schemin' That Sabotage fixed [a]

   ▪ Preparations for the Future fixed [a]

   ▪ Arcane Legacy fixed [a]


   ▪ Gnoll Escape fixed [a]

Hillsbrad Foothills

   ▪ For Science!: Creatures will now be properly attackable

   ▪ Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking? fixed [h]

   ▪ The Heart of the Matter fixed [h]

Eversong Woods

   ▪ Powering our Defenses fixed [h]

   ▪ Unexpected Results fixed [h]

   ▪ Pelt Collection: drop rate of Springpaw Pelt corrected


   ▪ Soothing the Elements fixed [a]

   ▪ The Bear's Blessing fixed [a]

   ▪ A New Home fixed [a]

   ▪ War Supplies fixed [a]


   ▪ Armed and Ready is no longer available

▪ Deeprun

   ▪ Deeprun Rat Roundup fixed [a]

▪ Ironforge

   ▪ Live Bait fixed [a]

   ▪ Return to Gremlock fixed [a]

   ▪ Brew of the Month Club fixed (all variations)

▪ Tirisfal Glades

   ▪ Recruitment fixed [h]

▪ Azshara

   ▪ Weapons of Mass Dysfunction fixed [h]

   ▪ Pro-liberation fixed [h]

   ▪ Befriending Giants fixed [h]

The Cape of Stranglethorn

   ▪ A Shiny Reward fixed [a,h]


   ▪ In A Dark Corner fixed [a]

   ▪ Roland's Doom fixed [a]

   ▪ The Fate of Stalvan Mistmantle fixed [a]

   ▪ Clawing at the Truth fixed [a]

   ▪ Mistmantle's Revenge fixed [a]


   ▪ Corrected text for every quest in the zone


Corrections to vehicle system

4 crash fixes

2 exploit fixes

October 8, 2013

September 10, 2013 - October 03, 2013

Starfall will no longer target creatures caster is not in combat with

Euphoria and Item - Druid T12 Balance 4P Bonus proccing while not eclipse state fixed

Razor Claws mastery will now affect the proper spells

Charge mechanics tweaked


Living Bomb will only explode on expire

Deep Freeze will now deal damage to permanently immune targets


Item - Priest T12 Shadow 4P Bonus fixed


Glyph of Shadowburn re-fixed

Soulburn : Seed of Corruption fixed

Jinx targeting fixed

Item - Warlock T13 4P Bonus (Soulburn): Temporal Ruin will now calculate bonus independantly (will stack with other SP % modifiers)

Fel Hunter: Fel Intelligence mana-regen fixed


Water Shield will now proc from spells that do no damage too

Primal Wisdom and Windfury Weapon will now proc on absorbed attacks too


Glyph of Exorcism fixed

Holy Wrath will no longer apply diminishing returns if stun is not applied to target

Holy Wrath stun will now affect Lichborne transformed players.


Execute will now be affected by damage reduction auras

Charge mechanics tweaked


 Dragon Soul

    ▪ Yor'sahj the Unsleeping scripted on all modes


    ▪ Corrections to line of sight and Molten Blast

    ▪ After killing Lord Rhyolith, it will no longer say Available in Raid Info

    ▪ Ragnaros hit box corrected

    ▪ Ragnaros's Wrath of Ragnaros tweaked

    ▪ Ragnaros spell timers tweaked to be more retail like

    ▪ Shannox will now patrol with his dogs

    ▪ Alysrazor will now correctly drop feathers

    ▪ Alysrazor timers tweaked

    ▪ Reworked Unleashed Flame on Rhyolith heroic

    ▪ Creatures should no longer fall into the ground

    ▪ Plump Lava Worms activation timer tweaked for 25man heroic

    ▪ Liquid Obsidian movement while stunned corrected

    ▪  Only the Penitent... fixed

    ▪ Code clean up

▪ Players can no longer convert currency above hard caps

▪ Players can no longer refund items if returned currency is more than hard cap

▪ Quest conversion during faction change improved

Auto-cast spells will be interrupted if player forces another cast

Mixology bonus to potions and flasks fixed

Nepeta Leaf and Oracle Secret Solution are now limited to Sholazar Basin

▪ The following items will now have a random enchantment

    ▪ Flickering Cowl

    ▪ Flickering Handguards

    ▪ Flickering Shoulderpads

    ▪ Items already obtained without a random enchant will be corrected in a future update


    ▪ Corrected notification when rank switch is performed

    ▪ Corrected notification when guild leader is dethroned

    ▪ Deleting ranks would sometimes make the roster go wild and reset all ranks on server restart

        ▪ All issues with ranks when a rank is removed are now fixed


▪ Zul'Drak

    ▪ Enchanted Tiki Warriors fixed

Drak'Tharon Keep

    ▪ Cleansing Drak'Tharon fixed

Borean Tundra

    ▪ Fueling the Project fixed [a]

    ▪ Magic Carpet Ride fixed [h]


    ▪ Strengthen the Ancients script improved [a,h]


▪ 3 exploit fixes

▪ 4 crash fixes

September 12, 2013

August 26, 2013 - September 10, 2013

Part 2 of the changelog is now active on all cataclysm realms.

Rune Strike attack power bonus fixed

Item - Death Knight T13 Blood 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Death Knight T13 DPS 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Death Knight T13 DPS 4P Bonus fixed

Item - Death Knight T13 Blood 4P Bonus fixed

Vampiric Brood fixed

Blood Rites will no longer apply to Blood Runes converted to Death Runes

Blood Tap rune cooldown removal fixed

Abilities that do not cost runes will no longer grant Runic Power

Blood Rites will now properly keep Death Rune for its duration and Reaping runes will now be properly consumed if used by ability not proccing it

Part 2:

    ▪ Item - Death Knight T12 Blood 4P Bonus fixed

    ▪ Death Grip will no longer pull targets that are rooted


Glyph of Starfire will now only increase duration on recently applied Moonfire and Sunfire

Item - Druid T13 Restoration 2P Bonus (Innervate) will now only proc from Innervate

Item - Druid T13 Restoration 4P Bonus (Rejuvenation) fixed

Item - Druid T13 Balance 2P Bonus (Insect Swarm) fixed

Item - Druid T13 Balance 4P Bonus (Starsurge) fixed

Item - Druid T13 Feral 2P Bonus (Savage Defense and Blood In The Water) fixed

Item - Druid T13 Feral 4P Bonus (Frenzied Regeneration and Stampede) fixed

Item - Druid T13 Feral 2P Bonus (Savage Defense and Blood In The Water): Blood in the Water corrected

Item - Druid T13 Feral 2P Bonus (Savage Defense and Blood In The Water): Savage Defense must now be active to proc

Swipe training level requirement fixed

Starsurge energy generation fixed

Moonfire with Lunar Shower will now properly trigger Eclipse

PVP 4P Bonus: Sudden Eclipse fixed

Berserk will now clear the cooldown of Mangle

Glyph of Barkskin will now properly apply Glyph of Amberskin Protection aura

Solar Beam area silence fixed

Part 2:

    ▪ Razor Claws will now be active outside cat form too

    ▪ Primal Madness will now increase current energy pool when activated

    ▪ Typhoon triggered spell will no longer have travel-time, this should correct the animation

    ▪ Prowl is no longer usable before battlegrounds have started, this prevents a bug existing until relog

    ▪ Item - Druid T12 Feral 4P Bonus fixed

    ▪ Savage Defense will now have proper proc-chance

    ▪ Feral Charge and Feral Charge will no longer be usable while rooted

    ▪ Item - Druid T12 Balance 4P Bonus fixed

    ▪ Eclipse (Solar) state and marker will now be properly reset on changing map

    ▪ Feral Charge will no longer trigger combat state

    ▪ Moonfire and Sunfire will no longer stack with eachother

    ▪ Faerie Fire will no longer go through Cyclone

    ▪ Lunar Shower going to Lunar Eclipse fixed and stuck at 0 lunar power with markers going the wrong way fixed


Improved Mend Pet will now trigger from Mend Pet periodic ticks only

Lock and Load will no longer proc from wrong traps and periodics without T.N.T. talent

Item - Hunter T13 2P Bonus (Steady Shot and Cobra Shot) fixed

Item - Hunter T13 4P Bonus (Arcane Shot) fixed

Item - Hunter T13 2P Bonus (Steady Shot and Cobra Shot) fixed

Rapid Recuperation buff will now only proc from Rapid Fire

Aimed Shot and Deterrence will now properly delay auto attacks


Item - Priest T13 Shadow 2P Bonus (Shadow Word: Death) fixed

Item - Priest T13 Healer 4P Bonus (Holy Word and Power Word: Shield) fixed

Item - Priest T13 Healer 2P Bonus (Power Infusion and Lightwell) fixed

Item - Priest T13 Shadow 4P Bonus (Shadowfiend and Shadowy Apparition) fixed

Item - Priest T12 Healer 2P Bonus : Divine Fire will now proc from Greater Heal

Divine Aegis will no longer exceed it's absorb cap

Part 2:

    ▪ Improved Devouring Plague damage will no longer be affected by bonus auras

    ▪ Item - Priest T12 Shadow 2P Bonus fixed

    ▪ Leap of Faith will no longer pull targets that are rooted


Ring of Frost fixed for enemies in duel and corrected inner radius to exactly fit display

Item - Mage T13 2P Bonus (Haste Rating) fixed

Item - Mage T13 4P Bonus (Arcane Power, Combustion, and Icy Veins) fixed

Item - Mage T13 2P Bonus (Haste Rating): bonus will now be removed upon Combustion expire

Hot Streak will no longer calculate chances twice and will no longer proc from triggered Pyroblast!

Cold Snap will now properly remove cooldown on Frostfire Orb

Focus Magic proc targeting fixed

Glyph of Polymorph will no longer remove Unholy Frenzy

Glyph of Arcane Power fixed

Part 2:

    ▪ Slow will now have proper duration in PVP


Nether Protection corrected for dots and channels

Nether Protection can now proc from Voidwalkers Sacrifice too

Item - Warlock T13 2P Bonus (Doomguard and Infernal) fixed

Item - Warlock T13 4P Bonus (Soulburn) fixed

Hellfire will now properly appear in the warlocks spellbook

Demon Soul for Felguard, Succubus and Voidwalker fixed

Curse of Exhaustion duration will now be properly reduced in PvP

Demonic Empowerment for Felguard fixed

Soul Harvest will now only give a Soul Shard every 3 sec instead every 1 sec

Glyph of Seduction fixed

Glyph of Soul Link fixed

Rain of Fire: Aftermath fixed

Part 2:

    ▪ Unstable Affliction will be affected by resilience now


Ancestral Awakening fixed

Item - Shaman T13 Restoration 2P Bonus (Mana Tide) will now only proc from Mana Tide Totem

Item - Shaman T13 Restoration 4P Bonus (Spiritwalker's Grace) fixed

Item - Shaman T13 Elemental 2P Bonus (Elemental Mastery) fixed

Item - Shaman T13 Enhancement 2P Bonus (Maelstrom Weapon) fixed

Item - Shaman T13 Elemental 4P Bonus (Elemental Overload) fixed

Item - Shaman T13 Enhancement 4P Bonus (Feral Spirits) fixed

Fixed interaction of Grounding Totem with the following spells:

    ▪ Polymorph

    ▪ Repentance

    ▪ Mind Control

    ▪ Hibernate

    ▪ Hex

    ▪ Chains of Ice

    ▪ Death Coil

Part 2:

    ▪ Fulmination damage will now be fixed-damage based on Lightning Shield

    ▪ Lava Burst from Elemental Overload will have 100% chance to crit when Flame Shock is on the target

    ▪ Resurgence will now only grant mana when Water Shield is active

    ▪ Fire Nova will no longer consume Flame Shock from targets

    ▪ Focused Insight fixed


Item - Rogue T13 2P Bonus (Tricks of the Trade) fixed

Master of Subtlety will now be removed after stealth

Overkill will now be removed when Vanish is canceled

Cloak of Shadows fixed

Cheat Death will now give 10% of HP on trigger and properly reduce melee damage for its duration

Master of Subtlety timer and application on Vanish fixed

Part 2:

    ▪ Distract will no longer remove invisibility


Avenger's Shield spell power and attack power scaling corrected

Item - Paladin T13 Holy 2P Bonus (Divine Favor) will now only proc from Divine Favor

Item - Paladin T13 Retribution 4P Bonus (Zealotry) fixed

Item - Paladin T13 Protection 2P Bonus (Judgement) fixed

Item - Paladin T13 Retribution 2P Bonus (Judgement) fixed

Blessed Life and Pursuit of Justice shared cooldown fixed

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization will now properly increase judgements damage

Inquisition will now properly affect Retribution Mastery

Ancient Fury damage calculation and spliting amongs targets fixed

Holy Wrath will now properly divide damage between targets

Crusader Strike damage on Divine Shield fixed

Glyph of Dazing Shield removed from Divine Shield fixed

Consecration spell power and attack power scaling fixed

Eternal Glory 15 second internal cooldown fixed

Inquisition will now properly affect Exorcism damage

Blazing Light will now properly affect Exorcism damage

Seals of Command will now affect multiple targets with to affect multiple targets with Seal of Righteousness and will no longer double proc from Seal of Truth

▪ Part 2:

    ▪ Cleanse will prioritize Movement Impairing effects first with Acts of Sacrifice talent

    ▪ Holy Wrath will no longer trigger Second Wind or Pursuit of Justice bonuses as it does not stun players


Item - Warrior T13 Arms and Fury 2P Bonus (Inner Rage) fixed

Item - Warrior T13 Arms and Fury 4P Bonus (Colossus Smash) fixed

Item - Warrior T13 Protection 4P Bonus (Shield Wall) fixed

Item - Warrior T13 Protection 2P Bonus (Revenge) fixed

Item - Warrior T13 Protection 4P Bonus (Shield Wall): will now apply proper amount with Glyph of Shield Wall

Thunderclap removing Infected Wounds fixed

Heroic Leap will be no longer usable in roots

Single-Minded Fury: Slam off-hand damage fixed

Shield Specialization will now properly give extra rage on Spell Reflection

Flurry will now properly give 3 charges when aura is already active

Part 2:

    ▪ Item - Warrior T12 Protection 4P Bonus fixed


▪ Dragon Soul

    Morchok scripted in all modes

    Warlord Zon'ozz scripting underway


    Firelands 10 man heroic has been released

    Many corrections to all instance modes

    Swift Spectral Gryphon or Swift Flying Wisp will now be properly applied to Worgens upon Spirit release

Throne of the Tides

    Scripted trash Spiritmender and Invader

Bastion of Twilight

    Cho'Gall: Flame's Orders and Shadow's Orders fixed

    Sinestra scripted


Auto-attack freeze after fear / confuse has been corrected

Drakuru's Elixir fixed and will now summon Image of Drakuru at each brazier if you have the right Mojo

Non playable character Witch Doctor Zum'rah scripted

Invalid engineering spells have been removed from profession npcs

Immunities will no longer remove passive and no duration auras

Stacking of scrolls with other buffs has been fixed

Armor values for level 81 to 88 bosses have been corrected

Sorrowsong (normal and heroic) will now proc on targets below required health percent only

Rocket Jump jump direction corrected

Maelstrom Shatter added to trainers


    Guild Dethrone is now available

    You can no longer invite people with auto decline enabled

Faction Change

    Wrynn's Battlegear will no longer be changed to Thrall's Battlegear



    Hero's Call: Badlands! fixed

Redridge Mountains

    ▪ Looking Further is no longer available

▪ Grizzly Hills

    ▪ Subject to Interpretation fixed

    ▪ Voices From the Dust fixed

    ▪ Free at Last fixed

Howling Fjord

    Guided by Honor fixed [a]


    ▪ The Fate Of The Fallen fixed

    ▪ Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare fixed

    ▪ The Boon of Remulos fixed

    The Last Line Of Defense fixed

    The Battle For Crusaders' Pinnacle fixed

    Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton fixed

    The Keeper's Favor fixed


    ▪ Waking Legends fixed

    ▪ The Nightmare Manifests fixed

Twilight Highlands

    Water of Life fixed

The Cape of Stranglethorn

    Kill-Collect fixed


    ▪ Recover the Fallen fixed [a]


    Twice Removed fixed [a]

    ▪ The Bear's Paw fixed [a]

    ▪ Buzzbox 827, Buzzbox 411, Buzzbox 323 and Buzzbox 525 are no longer available


    Burnout fixed [a]


    ▪ Rolling with my Homies directions have been corrected (to see this change you must delete your WDB cache) .


▪ 16 crash fixes

▪ 3 exploit fixes

August 21, 2013

July 24, 2013 - August 24, 2013

Rework lines have been removed from the changelog.

Majority of this update consists of internal undocumented changes.


Unholy Blight aura will now be applied instantly

Vicious Gladiator's Desecration: Runic Power Back on Snare/Root fixed


Tranquility spell power coefficient updated

Swiftmend will no longer heal differently based on different heal-over-time spell consumed

Item - Druid T12 Restoration 4P Bonus fixed


Wolf pet: Furious Howl fixed


Ring of Frost freezing range corrected

Hot Streak proc chance tweaked

Deep Freeze will consume Fingers of Frost under all circumstances


Aftermath fixed


Item - Shaman T13 Restoration 2P Bonus (Mana Tide) fixed

Item - Shaman T12 Enhancement 2P Bonus will now work with Improved Lava Lash


All rogue trainer menu options have been corrected

Cut to the Chase corrected


Avenger's Shield bounce radius will now properly be 10 yards up from 5

Item - Paladin T12 Holy 4P Bonus fixed


Single-Minded Fury will no longer work without dual-wielding one-hand weapons

Heroic Leap damage corrected

Heroic Throw training level requirement corrected


Instances that you will be binded to will now display a warning upon entering

Bosses will now interrupt all spells while in evade state

Firelands normal 10man

    ▪ Ragnaros has been released

    ▪ Shannox orientation corrected

    ▪ Alysrazor phases slightly corrected

    ▪ Baleroc: added special weapon for ultimate attacks

    ▪ Baleroc: fixed slow from Decimation Blade

    ▪ Swift Spectral Gryphon or Swift Flying Wisp will now be applied upon Spirit release

    ▪ Corrections to bridge spawning

    ▪ Trash: Brushfire speed corrected

    ▪ Shannox dogs will no longer spawn after server restart if the boss is dead

Firelands normal 25 has been released

Firelands heroic 10 and 25

    ▪ Development completed and testing is underway

    ▪ Shannox, Lord Rhyolith, Beth'tilac, Alysrazor, Baleroc, Majordomo and Ragnaros heroic scripted

End Time

    ▪ End time scripting is underway

    ▪ Trash has been scripted

    ▪ Echo of Baine will no longer walk in the air

Throne of the tides

    ▪ Creature and object spawns have been re-worked

    ▪ Nepulon: Purify fixed

    ▪ Ozumat: animations corrected

    ▪ Implemented tentacle tunnel knockback

    ▪ Implemented ulthok spawn-in sequence

    ▪ Lady Naz'jar: implemented geysers on the outer ring

    ▪ Lady Naz'jar: fixed add movement and animation

    ▪ Lady Naz'jar: fixed Waterspout

Vault Of Archavon

    ▪ Koralon: Meteor Fists fixed

Baradin Hold

    ▪ Pit Lord Argaloth scripted rewritten


    ▪ C'thun's Digestive Acid is now removed when leaving Ahn'Qiraj

Halls of Reflection

    ▪ Intro timers fixed

    ▪ Agro from creatures fixed

    ▪ General's shield throw corrected

    ▪ Implemented Jaina / Sylvannas / Lich King escape event


    ▪ Timed events have been updated and corrected

Dungeon Finder

    ▪ Offline players can now be kicked

Chance to have Alterac Valley as Random Battleground has been decreased

Added preparation maximum leash distance for Strand of Ancients, Twin Peaks and The Battle for Gilneas

Arena conquest cap tweaked

Alterac Valley

    ▪ Internal corrections to prevent server-side issues


Auction house sorting has been corrected

Kona Thunderwalk and Warlord Halthar data corrected

Objects summoned by spells will now face summon direction instead of caster direction

Mounts will now be removed when entering an instance

Margrave Dhakar equipment corrected

Horde Siege Engine ignite will now ignore line of sight

Implemented new extended costs and fixed some items requiring too much honor/conquest points

Items in the trade window will now display the correct reforge stats

Updates and corrections to training dummies

Brassbolt Mechawrench and Reginald Arcfire will now act as auctioneers for everyone

▪ Energy regen system for creatures has been reworked and should be a lot smoother

D'lom the Collector will no longer disappear

Auctions that expire during downtime will properly end and mail the auction back to the owner

Threat related issues have been corrected

Possessed and charmed units will now have proper action bars

Herbalism profession data has been reworked

Mining veins have been reworked

Thomas Miller npc script rewritten


    Potion of Illusion fixed

    Apparatus of Khaz'goroth fixed

    Tyrande's Favorite Doll fixed

    The Hungerer icd fixed (normal and heroic)

    Scales of Life fixed (normal and heroic)

    Gnomish Army Knife on-use corrected

    Vial of Shadows will scale with Ranged Attack Power if used by hunters

    Starfire Espresso sober-up effect fixed

    Alchemist Stone equip effect fixed


    Back Door Job fixed


    Intermittent crashes when inviting players to your guild should be solved

    Corrections to rosters

    Corrections to ranks and ranking orders

    Further work on member profession display


    Legacy Arena Armor vendors have been fixed


Western Plaguelands

    Those That Couldn't Let Go fixed [a]

    Aradne fixed [a]

    Gahrron's Withering Cauldron fixed

    Return to the Stead fixed

    Desperate Acts fixed

    Students of Krastinov fixed

Eastern Plaguelands

    Heroes of Darrowshire fixed

Stonetalon Mountains

    Da Voodoo: Resonite Crystal fixed


    Anvilmar the Hero fixed [a]

Blasted Lands

    You Are Rakh'likh, Demon: spawns corrected

The Storm Peaks

    The Drakkensryd fixed

Howling Fjord

    Bring Down Those Shields fixed [h/a]


    Troll Patrol: The Alchemist's Apprentice fixed


    Mistcaller Yngvar conditions updated

    The Purification of Quel'Delar (all classes) is now autocomplete until scripted

    Cannot Reproduce fixed [a,h]

    Retest Now fixed [a,h]

Un'Goro Crater

    Crystals of Power fixed


    The Titans' Terminal fixed [a]

    Got Some Flotsam? fixed [a]


    Oil and Irony fixed [a]

    Fire in the Hole! fixed [h]

    Turn it Off! Turn it Off! fixed [h]


    Bloody Imp-ossible! fixed

Terokkar Forest

    The Dread Relic fixed


    A Question of Gluttony fixed


    The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge updated

    Bring Me The Egg! fixed

Swamp of Sorrows

    Tides of Darkness fixed [a,h]

    Marking the Fallen fixed [a,h]


    Without a Captain or Crew fixed

Twilight Highlands

    Last of Her Kind fixed

Arathi Highlands

    Drowned Sorrows fixed

    The Princess Unleashed fixed [a,h]

Hellfire Peninsula

    I Work... For the Horde! fixed [h]

    Waste Not, Want Not fixed [a]

Shimmering Expanse

    Swift Approach fixed [a,h]

Loch Modan

    Murdaloc is no longer available [a]


Internal modifications to spell system

Internal modifications to object system

Internal modifications to movement system

Internal modifications to vendors and item lists produced by vendors

Internal modifications to guild system, roster and calender

Many optimizations to the database

11 exploits fixed

13 crash fixes

July 3, 2013

June 23, 2013 - July 16, 2013


Unholy Blight periodic damage stacking fixed

Improved Blood Presence bonus will now be removed when reseting talents or switching specs

Anti-Magic Shell will no longer give Runic Power without Magic Suppression talent

Magic Suppression will no longer disappear after first use


Corrected spell power scaling of Lifebloom bloom and its bonus from Gift of Nature

Rend and Tear bonus to Maul will be applied after attack power bonus


Focus Fire: Frenzy Effect will now work on reapply too

Cobra Shot and Steady Shot will no longer add up melee and ranged critical chance

Improved Steady Shot will now only proc in two consecutive steady shot uses

Heart of the Phoenix will no longer be castable while pet is alive

Item - Hunter T12 2P Bonus Bonus will now only proc from Cobra Shot and Steady Shot

Bullheaded will now properly remove movement impairing effects


Ring of Frost visual fixed

Cauterize periodic damage will no longer be reduced by resilience

Fingers of Frost will be consumed by Ice Lance and Frostfire Bolt while under Brain Freeze state regardless of target frozen-state


Haunt will now properly return 100% of inflicted damage

Incinerate bonus from Immolate corrected

Soulstone Resurrection ressurection on already-dead targets fixed


Fire Elemental Totem is no longer usable in arena

Elemental Focus: bonus damage from Elemental Oath fixed


Burning Rage will now properly set duration based on whether player has Booming Voice talent or not

Slam: Bloodsurge damage bonus corrected


▪ Firelands Boss: Baleroc has been released

Firelands Boss: Alysrazor has been released

Firelands Boss: Majordomo Staghelm has been released

Firelands: Trash events and scripting released

Avengers of Hyjal reputation has been reduced to honored on players with over honored, reputation gain has been enabled

Reputation gain in instances is now based on blizzard rates with proper limits on trash and mini-bosses

Maraudon has been released

▪ Firelands:

    ▪ Shannox damage corrected

    ▪ Rhyolith: alternate power of players is now reset after the encounter

Blackrock Caverns:

    ▪ Boss encounter AI rewritten

    ▪ Undergoing internal testing


▪ Alterac Valley has been released

Horde / Alliance flag in battlegrounds will now be a positive buff

Twin Peaks:

    ▪ Fixed flag dropping when player leaves battleground

Alterac Valley:

    ▪ Npc and creature health level and damage corrected


▪ Melee delays (out of range) caused by crowd control effects such as fear have been fixed

Invisibility issues have been fixed

Client crashes in groups and inside instances have been fixed


▪ Spell system: corrected spells and auras that ignore resilience

Triggered spells will now cast without line of sight checks

Vashj'r zones will no longer have breath / fatigue timers

General Purpose Bunny should now be invisible

Multiple resources can now be tracked

Faction and race changes corrected

Gameobject rotation corrected

Drop-down type buttons like Call Pet/Summon Demon will be properly saved on action-bar

Horde portal in the Temple of Earth added

Heirlooms are now usable even after exceeding level-scale limits

Damage over Time effects from spells that require ranged weapons will now use ranged critical chance

Rockjaw Invader will no longer have quests

Swordguard Embroidery internal cooldown corrected

Names of hundreds of gameobjects have been corrected

Parachute will no longer be applied in Uldum and Thousand Needles without reason

Child of Tortolla will be friendly and despawn when leaving The Crucible

Corrections to multiple zones, vendors and quest npcs with the following spawns:

    ▪ Lil Timmy, Burgy Blackheart, Osborn Obnoticus, Gath'Ilzogg, Bwemba and Grex Brainboiler spawned

    ▪ Olm the Wise, Warlord Halthar, Surveyor Thurdan and Arcanist Uovril spawned

    ▪ Shaman Jakjek, Lirastrasza, Korok the Colossus, Gidwin Goldbraids and Zan Shivsproket spawned

    ▪ Skymaster Skyles, Skymaster Brightdawn, Longbraid the Grim, Mahren Skyseer, Bolyun and Krolg spawned

    ▪ Corrected damage of Everlook bruisers, Booty Bay bruisers, Gadgetzan bruisers and Ratchet bruisers

    ▪ Caretaker Movra and Connor Rivers vendor list corrected

Pygmy Oil transformation fixed

Writings of the Dark Herald will now drop

Matrix Restabilizer (all versions) bonus choice and internal cooldown corrected

Shadowmourne stacking effect corrected

Cliff Thundermar and Gunwald Greybeard faction fixed


    Ironman fixed

    A Void Dance fixed

    Defenseless fixed


    Guild challenges implemented

    Available challenges will now be in the guild panel

    Rank order corrected

    Properly show professions in guild roster

    Begun work on showing member recipes

    A rank can no longer be removed if a player in the guild has the rank

Book text corrections:

    Common / Orcish Dictionary

    Orcish / Common Dictionary

    The Fluffy Bunny

    Blinking Rules & Regulations

    Portals are NOT Garbage Bins!

    Excerpts from the Journal of Archmage Vargoth

Lost Isles:

    Added aura for Robbing Hoods quest to prevent being stuck

    Gyrochoppa and Scout Brax spawned

    Thrall for quest Precious Cargo spawned

Ravenholdt faction spawns fixed:

    Lord Jorach Ravenholdt

    Ravenholdt Assassins

    Carlo Aurelius

    Master Kang

    Myrokos Silentform

    Simone Cantrell

    Smudge Thunderwood

Desolation Hold spawns fixed:

    Warlord Gar'dul

    Warlord Bloodhilt

    Innkeeper Lhakadd



    Quartermaster Dernhak



    Calder Gray


False Idols fixed

Deactivating the Spire fixed

Deactivate An'owyn fixed

The Stagnant Oasis fixed

Marking the Path fixed

Clues in the Thicket fixed

Restoring the Light fixed

The Path of Glory fixed

Disrupt Their Reinforcements fixed

Protecting Our Own fixed

Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike fixed

Veil Shalas: Signal Fires fixed

Reading the Meters fixed

Hatching a Plan fixed

Call to Arms! fixed

Defiling the Defilers fixed

Vandalizing Jotunheim fixed

The Witness and the Hero fixed

A Lesson Learned fixed

Spill Their Blood fixed

Where Are They Coming From? fixed

Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way fixed

The Honored Ancestors fixed

Aberrations fixed

The Runic Prophecies   fixed

Breaking Through Jin'Alai fixed

The Aberrations Must Die fixed

Doorway to the Abyss fixed

Invasion Point: Annihilator fixed

The Shrine of Dath'Remar fixed

Investigate the Amani Catacombs fixed

A Little Dash of Seasoning fixed

Healing the Lake fixed

From the Ashes fixed

Weapons of Destruction fixed

Don't Forget the Eggs! fixed

Recruitment fixed

The Truth of the Grave fixed

Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment fixed

Variety is the Spice of Death fixed

Corn Mash fixed

Elementary! fixed

Pack Your Bags fixed

Helboar, the Other White Meat fixed

Stocking Up fixed

The Race to Restock fixed

A Furious Catch fixed

Fish fer Squirky fixed

One fer the Ages fixed

I Need to Cask a Favor fixed

Tadpole Terror fixed

The Ring's the Thing fixed

The Black Knight of Westfall? fixed

A Fistful of Slivers: Arcane Sliver drop rate corrected

Dark Iron Scheming fixed

Fresh From The Hills fixed

An Old Favorite fixed

The Secret to Perfect Kimchi fixed

Dancing for Marzipan fixed

The Twilight Egg fixed

Brood of Evil fixed

Death to the Broodmother fixed

Baby Stealers: all eggs are now lootable

Portents of Uldum: Historian Karnik spawned

Winterfall Activity fixed

Freedom for the Lingering fixed

Petrified Delicacies fixed

Putting the Pieces Together fixed

Tanaris is Calling   fixed

Seaside Salvage fixed

Puddle Stomping fixed

Dead Man's Chest   fixed

Filling Our Pockets   fixed

Bootlegger Outpost   fixed

Lootin' Plunder fixed

Booty Duty fixed

To The Ground!   fixed

Going Off-Task   fixed

Captain Dreadbeard   fixed

Duskwing, Oh How I Hate Thee... fixed

In Defense of Quel'Danil fixed

Sea Legs fixed

Sea Legs: Sea Legs will now be active after completion

A Slippery Snack fixed

The Gnomish Bait-o-Matic fixed

Wanted: Lieutenant Fangore is now unavailable

Bloody Wages fixed

Slap and Cap fixed

Orphans Like Cookies Too! fixed

Abduction fixed

Black Heart of Flame: corrected summoning ritual requirements

Yowler Must Die! fixed

Wanted: The Demon Hunter is now available to Horde and requires Weeding the Lawn to be accepted

Nature and Nurture now requires Weeding the Lawn to be accepted

A Dish Best Served Huge fixed

Hunt the Keeper fixed

Summoning Shadra fixed

Skulk Rock Supplies   fixed

Measuring Warp Energies fixed

Searching for Evidence fixed

The Archmage's Staff fixed

Futile Resistance fixed

Remembering the Ancestors fixed

Ursius fixed

Greymist Refugees will now count towards Sweeping Clean the Ruins credit

Hatching a Plan: fixed spawn of blue dragon eggs

Stocking Up: fishing chance of Lake Whitefish corrected

The Race to Restock: drop rate of Randy Smallfish and Amorous Mud Snapper corrected

A Furious Catch: fishing success rate corrected

Winterfall Activity: spirit bead acquisition corrected

Only one from Stormwind, Ironforge and Darnassus Cooking or Fishing dailies will available each day

Only one from Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and Undercity Cooking or Fishing dailies will available each day


Many changes to party and aura systems

Many changes to movement and targeting systems

14 crash fixes

9 exploit fixes

June 9, 2013

June 03, 2013 - June 22, 2013


▪ Tweaked the way haste affects rune cooldowns

Blood Parasite fixed

Howling Blast area damage fixed

Chill of the Grave: Howling Blast will only give runic power for main target

Death and Decay will now properly damage the location it was cast

Item - Death Knight T12 Blood 2P Bonus: Burning Blood fixed

Tweaked the way haste and atatck speed effects affect Rune regeneration


Glyph of Barkskin will now properly reduce critical chance of spells too

Further corrections to shapeshifting under movement impairing effects

Glyph of Typhoon fixed

Fury Swipes will now have a 3 second icd and respect shapeshift restrictions

Skull Bash will no longer be usable in roots or freezes unless target is in melee range

Rake will no longer be mitigated by armor

Lifebloom final heal will be affected by Mastery: Harmony and trigger periodic bonus from it

Maul: fixed attack power scaling and damage benefits on bleeding targets

Tweaked the way haste and attack speed effects affect Energy regeneration


Serpent Sting and Black Arrow will no longer calculate crit chance based on magic class

Critical chance of the hunter will now properly increase hunter's pet crit chance instead of haste

Hunter's base focus regen corrected

Cobra Shot will no longer increase Serpent Sting maximum duration

Tweaked the way haste and attack speed effects affect Focus regeneration


Glyph of Invisibility fixed


Renewed Hope fixed

Divine Hymn will now affect 5 targets up from 3

Body and Soul will no longer proc from Dispel Magic

Divine Aegis will now proc from Renew critical strikes too

Item - Priest T12 Healer 4P Bonus: Cauterizing Flame fixed

Spirit of Redemption fixed

Glyph of Prayer of Mending will now properly add its bonus to Prayer of Mending after other bonuses are calculated

Lightwell clickable range and model fixed


Tower of Radiance: Rank 3 will no longer give holy power without Beacon of Light

Holy Shield fixed

Eternal Glory now has a 15 second internal cooldown

Light of Dawn is now able to be critical

Infusion of Light will now proc from offensive Holy Shock criticals too


Deadly Poison will now proc other weapons poison when 5 stacks are applied

Item - Rogue T12 4P Bonus fixed

Burning Wounds will now properly proc from abilities

Fixed calculation of Improved Poisons chances

Bandit's Guile will no longer refresh after Deep Insight is gained

Shadowstep and Killing Spree will check for collision placement before teleportation

Shadowstep will no longer be usable in roots or freezes

Rupture: fixed Revealing Strike bonus

Tweaked the way haste and attack speed effects affect Energy regeneration


Totems will be no longer summoned inside or on the other side of walls


Corrected damage cap of Burning Embers triggered by Imp's Fireball

Hellfire will now properly work with Inferno

Health Funnel will now properly reduce the warlocks health


Corrected Charge speed bug which was introduced by the last update


▪ The Ruby Sanctum is now available

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom is now available


    Lord Rhyolith is now available

    Shannox is now available

    Shannox: Crystal Prison Trap Effect fixed

    Alysrazor scripted and undergoing internal testing

    Trash event before Alysrazor has been scripted and undergoing internal testing

    Firelands portal issues have been corrected

    ▪ Firelands graveyard has been fixed

    Vendors Naresir Stormfury and Lurah Wrathvine spawned

    ▪ Normal and heroic mode on-kill reputation corrected


    All creature and gameobject spawns have been re-worked

    ▪ Corrected boss and trash melee damage

    Corrected immunities and phases on Azil and Corborus

    All trash has been scripted properly

    Implemented Millhouse event / Stonecore intro

    Implemented Slabhide gauntlet

    Azil: fixed players being knocked back through the map

Forge of Souls:

    Trash has been scripted

The Deadmines:

    Foe Reaper 5000: Corrected starting event

    Helix Gearbreaker: Fixed crash related to encounter


Vicious craftables (boots, waist and wrist) have been released

50 conquest points for random / holiday battleground wins are now rewarded properly

Daily battleground wins will now count towards rated battleground currency cap

Rated battlegrounds will now properly reward 400 conquest points


▪ Reputation tabards will now work as intended

Implemented Raid World Markers

Reverted spell resistant system, pending more fixes

Fixed Resource regeneration display in character window

Objects summoned around casters will now properly check for line of sight placement

Winstone Wolfe and Fahrad have been spawned

Void Storage item handling has been changed and all issues resolved

Vicious Gladiator's Mooncloth Gloves price corrected

Vicious Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves price corrected

Foul Gift of the Demon Lord internal cooldown corrected

Corrected achievement rewards for over 30 achievements

Missing rewards (spells from items) from achievements completed before fixes have been distributed

All npcs belonging to transports have been fixed

Baradin Fox will now have more spawns and AI

Reforging actions will no longer be visible in combat logs

Corrected locks for heroic instances

Piccolo of the Flaming Fire effect fixed

Lost Barrens Kodo will no longer look dead and will have an AI

Increased drop-rate of Warmaul Prison Key

Many quest and phase fixes to Kezan

Mysterious Egg fixed

Disgusting Jar fixed

Incendiary Explosives will now only be usable near sinkholes

Loot-A-Rang fixed

Have Group, Will Travel fixed

Wrongly generated random enchants on items can no longer happen

Client crashes related to chat links has been resolved

Guild achievement links have been corrected

Child of Tortolla will properly despawn after Nemesis' death

Corrected environment damage auras on pets

Fixed move to pet command

Possessed NPCs will no longer be able to cast summon spells

Threat auras will now be properly removed from dead targets

Clutch of Foresight will now generate a high amount of threat as intented

Archmage Galus and Tua'kea's Crab Traps respawn time reduced

Darkmoon Card: Volcano: fixed proc distance

Cunning of the Cruel: fixed spell power scaling (all versions)

Vial of Shadows: fixed attack power scaling (all versions)

Bone-Link Fetish: fixed attack power scaling (all versions)

Vessel of Acceleration: Vessel of Acceleration fixed (normal and heroic)

Windward Heart: Nick of Time fixed (raid finder, normal and heroic)

Matrix Restabilizer: Matrix Restabilizer fixed (normal and heroic)

Internal cooldowns of the following items have been fixed:

    Cunning of the Cruel(all versions)

    Vial of Shadows(all versions)

    Starcatcher Compass(all versions)

    Creche of the Final Dragon(all versions)

    Insignia of the Corrupted Mind(all versions)

    Soulshifter Vortex(all versions)

    Seal of the Seven Signs(all versions)

    Matrix Restabilizer(all versions)

    Windward Heart (all versions)


The Third Flamegate fixed

The Strength of Tortolla fixed

Finish Nemesis fixed

Step One: The Priestess fixed

Agents of Destruction fixed - Overseer Gorthak spawned

Gargantapid fixed

The Power of the Elements fixed

Strengthen the Ancients fixed

Until Death Do Us Part fixed

And Now, the Moment of Truth fixed

Tortolla's Triumph fixed

The Ancients are With Us fixed

Commander Jarod Shadowsong fixed

Signed in Blood fixed

Need to Know fixed

They Took Our Men! fixed

Discipline fixed

Is That Your Goblin? fixed

The Hyldsmeet fixed

Taking on All Challengers fixed

You'll Need a Bear fixed

Test at Sea fixed

Your New Identity fixed

In Bloom fixed

Trial By Fire fixed

Waste of Flesh fixed

Twilight Training fixed

Black Heart of Flame fixed

Black Heart of Flame questchain completion event with Tyrus Blackhorn fixed

Junkboxes Needed fixed, class restrictions also removed

Seeds of Their Demise fixed

The Name Never Spoken fixed

A New Master fixed

My Son, the Prince fixed

Pining for Nuts: Added 40 more spawns of Mulgore Pine Cones

Hand-me-downs fixed

Reclaiming Felfire Hill fixed

The Might of the Horde fixed

Whitebark's Memory fixed

Call of Duty requirements fixed

Gunship Down fixed

The Admiral's Cabin fixed

Diplomacy First fixed

Hero's Call: Deepholm! will no longer have pre-requisite quests

All Our Friends Are Dead fixed

Take No Prisoners fixed

Take Him to the Earthcaller fixed

Stonefather's Boon fixed

Imposing Confrontation fixed

Underground Economy fixed

A Head Full of Wind fixed

Don't. Stop. Moving. fixed

Sprout No More fixed

Fungal Monstrosities fixed

Elemental Energy fixed

Pebble fixed

Clingy fixed

On Even Ground fixed

Making Things Crystal Clear fixed

Good News... and Bad News fixed

The Return of Baron Geddon fixed

Walking the Dog fixed

Discrediting the Deserters fixed

Cleansing Witch Hill fixed

Traitors Among Us fixed

Rallying the Earthen Ring fixed

The Eye of Shadra fixed

The Enemy's Legacy fixed

The Keystone Shard fixed

Stopping the Spread fixed

Super Strong Metal Plates! fixed

The Sister's Pendant fixed

Mistress of Deception fixed

Ghoulish Effigy fixed

Happy as a Clam Digger fixed

Elder Mana'loa fixed

Reinforcements Denied fixed

Blood Oath of the Horde fixed

Shiny Baubles fixed

Mustard Dogs!: corrected Wild Mustards respawn time

Dread Head Redemption fixed

The Seer's Relic fixed

Kobold Candles: Large Candle drop chance corrected

Unfit for Death fixed

Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves fixed

Blighted Last Rites fixed

Ice and Fire fixed

Doin' De E'ko Magic fixed

Diggin' For Worms fixed

The Taste Test fixed

Truce?: Dull Carving Knife respawn time reduced

A Fowl Shortage fixed

Thalorien Dawnseeker fixed


Multiple quest system fixes

19 Internal updates

8 crash fixes

3 exploit fixes

June 4, 2013

May 30, 2013 - June 02, 2013


▪  Shadow Infusion will no longer proc during battleground preperation


Blood in the Water: Corrected effect of Rank 2

Infected Wounds can now proc from  Ravage

Gift of the Earthmother rank 2 corrected

Wild Mushroom: Wild Mushroom: Detonate will now apply the  Earth and Moon effect

Glyph of the Treant fixed

Fixed models of Flight Form , Swift Flight Form , Tree of Life  and Moonkin Form

Thorns will now properly re-calculate amount when switching forms


▪  Hunter's Mark will now have 30 seconds duration in PvP

Corrected focus base regenerating amount


Glyph of Slow fixed


Sacred Duty will proc from  Avenger's Shield

Denounce  will be no longer removed by Divine Shield

Tower of Radiance  will now only provide Holy Power from a target with  Beacon of Light

Exorcism fixed

Exorcism: fixed scaling with The Art of War


Glyph of the Arctic Wolf fixed

Healing Rain will be affected by  Deep Healing and Focused Insight


Corrected formula for damage taken when dispelling  Unstable Affliction 


Damage taken/dealt Rage generation formulas corrected

Sword and Board  will now properly remove the cooldown of Shield Slam

Death Wish is now a positive buff

Die by the Sword will now proc from damage that results in 20% hp or less

Enrage spells will be no longer be usable/triggered under Enraged Regeneration

Whirlwind cooldown will be reduced by 6 seconds if it hits 4 or more targets

Victory Rush can now proc from hunter's pets

Single-Minded Fury: fixed Slam off-hand hit




    ▪ Blackwing Descent is now open

    ▪ Violet Hold is now open

    ▪ Halls of Lightning is now open

    ▪ Deadmines is now open

    ▪ Firelands: Beth'tilac is now available

    ▪ Stockade is now open

    ▪ Blackfathom Deeps is now open

    ▪ Wailing Caverns is now open

    ▪ Ragefire Chasm is now open

    ▪ Gnomeregan is now open


    ▪ Lord Rhyolith: Undergoing internal testing

    ▪ Beth'tilac: Damage corrected

    ▪ Beth'tilac: Burning Acid fixed

Blackwing Descent:

    ▪ Atramedes: Corrected Sonic Breath effect angle

    ▪ Atramedes: Corrected Flight state during intro

Ruby Sanctum:

    ▪ Corrections to mini-bosses


    ▪ Many corrections to all bosses


▪ Isle of Conquest re-script in progress


Fixed issues with plate/mail/leather specs incorrectly modified by auto-switching weapons

Channeled auras with damage dealing will be handled per effect now to prevent incorrect immunity returns

Berserking is now a positive buff

Internal Cooldowns of all Gladiator's Insignia of Conquest and Gladiator's Insignia of Victory


    ▪ Fixed amount of Fragments per dig

    ▪ Fixed amount of digs per site (6 up from 3)


Completion text added for 1779 quests

Progress text added for 2802 quests

To Catch A Thistlehead fixed

Flames from Above fixed

If You're Not Against Us... fixed

A Race Against Time fixed

Inciting the Elements fixed



▪ 3 crash fixes

▪ 4 exploit fixes

May 27, 2013

May 21, 2013 - May 29, 2013


Multiple fixes for Shadow Infusion :

    No longer applies 2 stacks from single Death Coil

    No longer applies any stacks if Ghoul is already transformed

    No longer applies any stacks during Arena Preparation stage

Gargoyle Strike will now properly scale off of the Death Knights attack power

Switching Presences will reset Runic Power to 0

Ghoul pet will no longer benefit from owner's attack power and now has the Avoidance passive.

Glyph of Death's Embrace  will now only give runic power on creature type units

Death Rune converting spells will properly convert last used rune instead of all runes that are on cooldown


Glyph of Barkskin fixed

Fungal Growth fixed


Aspect of the Fox will now provide focus on melee attacks

Glyph of Freezing Trap fixed

Fixed Improved Cower movement speed

Fixed Serpent Sting calculation which caused issues with  Improved Serpent Sting and Cobra Shot

Corrected placing more than 1 different type trap on the ground

Lock and Load proc will now remove current  Explosive Shot cooldown

Explosive Shot internal cooldown reduced to 10 seconds

Fixed remaining issues with Serpent Sting , Improved Serpent Sting Toxicology and Serpent Spread
    ▪ Serpent Sting damage corrected
    ▪ Serpent Sting periodic critical bonus is now 150%
    ▪ Serpent Spread applied periodic deals same damage as  Serpent Sting
    ▪ Serpent Spread critical chance is now spell-based
    ▪ Toxicology will no longer increase critical of Improved Serpent Sting
    ▪ Toxicology will now properly increase critical strike of  Serpent Spread to 175/200%


Pyromaniac fixed

Frostfire Bolt damage over time (with Glyph applied) will now affect Pyromaniac target counter

Glyph of Frost Armor can now be discovered via inscription


▪  Judgement damage will now benefit from Inquisition , Wrath of the Lightbringer and Glyph of Judgement

Ancient Fury damage will now benefit from stacks of Ancient Power


Shadowfiend fixed (pending Assist stance fix)


Item - Shaman T12 Restoration 4P Bonus fixed

Item - Shaman T12 Enhancement 4P Bonus fixed

Grounding Totem  fixed


Corrected the damage cap of Burning Embers

Haunt spellpower scaling corrected

Conflagrate  can no longer be casted if  Immolate is not on the target


Bladestorm can now be removed by Disarm spells



Blackwing Descent is now open in 10 and 25 modes

▪ Violet Hold is now open

▪ Halls of Lightning is now open

▪ Deadmines is now open

▪ Firelands: Beth'tilac is now available

Stockade is now open

Blackfathom Deeps is now open

Wailing Caverns is now open

Ragefire Chasm is now open

Gnomeregan is now open

Rescripted Vanessa Vancleef in Deadmines

Proc indicators for spells will now be present on players screens

Minor corrections to trash and loot in the following instances:

    ▪ Halls of Origination

    ▪ Deadmines

    ▪ Halls of Lightning

    ▪ Blackwing Descent

Bastion of Twilight:

Halfus: Corrections to Fireball and Scorching Breath


    ▪ Lord Rhyolith scripting in progress

Blackwing Descent:

    ▪ Atramedes: Sonic Breath fixed


Last summoned pet is now saved and will resummon upon ressurection

Damaged from pets is now counted towards the scoreboard

Absorbed damage will interrupt battleground or flag capturing



Darkmoon Faire Greeter will now provide Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide if lost

Revised all spell immunity code

The following items and spell internal cooldowns have been fixed:

    Surge of Conquest (all variations)

    Surge of Victory (all variations)

    Creche of the Final Dragon

    Creche of the Final Dragon

    Creche of the Final Dragon

    Bone-Link Fetish

    Bone-Link Fetish

    Bone-Link Fetish

Darkmoon Despoiler fixed

Darkmoon Defender fixed

Corrected looting roll display

Doom Lord Kazzak level, health and gold corrected

Aeonaxx will now share spawn points with Blood Seeker

The Quick and the Dead fixed

Eye of Blazing Power and Eye of Blazing Power will now only target members of the owners party or raid group




The Latest Fashion! fixed

Test Your Strength fixed

A Curious Crystal fixed

An Exotic Egg fixed

An Intriguing Grimoire fixed

A Wondrous Weapon fixed

The Master Strategist fixed

Tools of Divination fixed

A Captured Banner fixed

The Enemy's Insignia fixed

10 Dalaran cooking quests have been fixed

Cheese for Glowergold: respawn of Aged Dalaran Limburger corrected

The following Darkmoon Faire quests are now considered monthly quests:

    Test Your Strength

    The Master Strategist

    Tools of Divination

    A Curious Crystal

    An Exotic Egg

    An Intriguing Grimoire

    A Wondrous Weapon

    A Captured Banner

    The Enemy's Insignia

    The Captured Journal




▪ 8 crash fixes

▪ 3 exploit fixes

May 18, 2013

May 13, 2013 - May 20, 2013


Item - Death Knight T12 DPS 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Death Knight T12 DPS 4P Bonus fixed

Vengeance will no longer proc from pvp creatures


Item - Druid T12 Restoration 2P Bonus fixed

Vengeance will no longer proc from pvp creatures

Fixed Blood in the Water

Fixed Thorns attack power and spell power scaling

Gift of the Earthmother : Rejuvenation instant heal will trigger on re-apply too

Item - Druid T12 Feral 2P Bonus fixed

Revitalize : Replenishment will be casted if  Lifebloom is refreshed by Empowered Touch talent

Druid should only be able to shapeshift out of roots when:

    ▪ Restoration spec - Disentanglement

    ▪ Balance spec - Moonkin Form

    ▪ Feral spec - Feral Swiftness  and activating  Dash or Stampeding Roar , Stampeding Roar


Fixed Focus Fire

Roar of Sacrifice will now make the target immune to critical strikes

Aspect of the Cheetah is no longer castable on mounts

Aspect of the Pack is now castable on mounts

The Beast Within : Bestial Wrath will now remove hunters crowd control

Cobra Shot  duration extention of  Serpent Sting will recalculate values so periodic is kept the same

Hunters should be able to track multiple things at once

Glyph of Misdirection fixed


Pyromaniac corrected

Fixed Glyph of Mage Armor

Fixed Ice Shards chill effect on Blizzard

Polymorph spells will no longer be removed by non damage spells


Item - Paladin T12 Holy 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Paladin T12 Retribution 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Paladin T12 Protection 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Paladin T12 Protection 4P Bonus fixed

Vengeance will no longer proc from pvp creatures

Sacred Shield internal cooldown corrected

Ardent Defender fixed

Grand Crusader will remove  Avenger's Shield cooldown at the proper time

Censure should now tick continuously to prevent issues with fast attack speeds



Hymn of Hope will now increase mana properly

Glyph of Prayer of Healing fixed


Item - Rogue T12 2P Bonus : Burning Wounds  will properly stack damage and tick continuously on procs

Deadly Momentum : will now affect the refresh duration of Slice and Dice and Recuperate

Poisons will no longer disappear when entering arena

Sap will be no longer be usable against  Camouflage


Item - Shaman T12 Elemental 2P Bonus fixed


Item - Warrior T12 Protection 2P Bonus fixed

Item - Warrior T12 DPS 2P Bonus : Burning Rage will now proc from proper skills

Item - Warrior T12 DPS 4P Bonus : Fiery Attack will now proc from the proper skills

Fixed  Tactical Mastery in all stances

Vengeance will no longer proc from pvp creatures



▪ Blackwing Descent released - Neltharion only until May 21-23

▪ Halls of Origination released

▪ Scripting Firelands is underway

    ▪ Beth'tilac has been scripted


    Daakara and Nalorakk: Surge has been corrected

Blackwing Descent

    Maloriak: prime subject will be immune to taunt after fixating

    Electron: Fixed Unstable Shield

    Toxitron: Fixed Poison Bomb

    Magmatron: Fixed Flamethrower

    Omnotron Defense System: Fixed Energy Bars

    ▪ Magmaw: Fixed Lava Parasites

    ▪ Magmaw: Fixed Pincer

    ▪ Magmaw: Fixed chain application

    ▪ Magmaw: Fixed Molten Tantrum activation range

    ▪ Atramedes: Fixed flight position

    ▪ Atramedes: Fixed delay before Sonar Pulse movement



▪ Spell resistance calculations have been corrected

▪ Fixed Heart of Ignacious on Use bonus

The following items will now only proc below 35% health

    Symbiotic Worm

    Symbiotic Worm

    Leaden Despair

    Leaden Despair

    Bedrock Talisman

Northern Stranglethorn and Cape of Stranglethorn graveyards have been fixed

Orgrimmar Grunt and Hyjal Warden will no longer act as a mailbox

items sent through the mail from marketplace will now have a random enchant

Nitro Boosts : Does 80% of the engineer's health in damage over 8 seconds when they fail instead of knockup

Apothecary Furrows will now sell Withers

Tunneling Worm will no longer look dead

Dranh will no longer act as a trainer

Fixed all Surge of Dominance trinket internal cooldowns (Insignia of Dominance)

Transmogrification item requirements have been fixed

Corrections to attack power periodic aura bonus calculations

Renowned Guild Tabard  and  Illustrious Guild Tabard will now be available at guild vendors

Cleaned up all NPC yelling gossip




Fire the Cannon fixed

Enter the Dragon Queen fixed

The Green Hills of Stranglethorn fixed

Spirits of Stonemaul Hold fixed

Call of Duty  can now be accepted

Into The Abyss can now be accepted if you abandon To the Depths

Eye of the Storm information fixed

Soothing Spirits fixed

A Curse We Cannot Lift fixed

Can't Take It With Them fixed

Flamebreaker fixed

Firefight fixed


Overhauled the title, glyph and flightpath systems

▪ 3 Exploit fixes

▪ 14 Crash fixes

May 5, 2013

April 27, 2013 - May 12, 2013


  Improved Death Strike will only affect healing based from damage taken (will not increase minimal amount of heal gained)


Force of Nature will now summon 3 treants


Call of the Wild and Culling the Herd will only affect the owner now, not party or raid members

Focus from Steady Shot and Cobra Shot will now instantly be applied on cast

Certain pets have been fixed to be considered as Exotic

Stealth openers are now able to be used on Camouflage targets

Camouflage will now be removed on gameobject use


Living Bomb is now limited to 3 targets at once

The following will now properly break from any damage or absorbed damage:


    ▪ Polymorph

    ▪ Polymorph

    ▪ Polymorph

    ▪ Polymorph

    ▪ Polymorph

Ritual of Refreshment fixed

Glyph of Polymorph fixed


Exorcism damage corrected

Glyph of the Long Word can now be discovered

Haste from auras will affect Crusader Strike cooldown with Sanctity of Battle talent


Glyph of Shadow can now be discovered

Divine Fire will no longer reset its periodic on re-apply and will proc from appropriate spells

Evangelism will now proc from Holy Fire


Bandit's Guile counter will stack for different casters now

Blade Flurry will now attack an additional nearby target

Glyph of Vanish can now be discovered

Combat Potency will now proc from Main Gauche mastery attacks

Distract will no longer remove Camouflage


Glyph of Unleashed Lightning can now be discovered

Item - Shaman T12 Enhancement 2P Bonus fixed


Soulburn fixed


Execute is now affected by Lambs to the Slaughter and Two-Handed Specialization

Field Dressing fixed

Enraged Regeneration  will now properly benefit from  Field Dressing



▪ Zul'Aman released

    Fixed Fire Bomb

▪ The Stonecore

    ▪ Improved animations of Slabhide

▪ Zul'Gurub

    Disabled the use of flying mounts

▪ Bastion of Twilight

    Fixed Electric Instability

    Fixed Freeze from Glaciate

    Fixed Liquid Ice damage and despawn on wipe

    Fixed Ignacious's Inferno Rush

    Halfus - Fixed Proto-Behemoth's position

▪ Halls of Origination

    Immunities have been corrected

    Minor fixes to bosses

    Trash scripting has been completed

    Spatial Anomaly: Fixed Arcane Burst

▪ Blackwind Descent

    Fixed certain Chimaeron timers.

    Restricted Finkle's text to the Den of the Dervourer

    Fixed Chimaeron's Caustic Slime

    Fixed Chimaeron's combat reach

    Fixed Chimaeron's Double Attack and Break

    Fixed Chimaeron's Massacre timers

    Chimaeron:  Mortality will be removed upon death

    Atramedes: Fixed Dwarven King trash and removed redundant spawns

    Atramedes: Gongs that were missing have been added

    Maloriak: Fixed phase switch animation

    Maloriak: Fixed  Scorching Blast damage split

    Maloriak: Fixed Release Aberrations (now 18 max)

    Maloriak: Fixed Prime Subject

    Maloriak: Fixed Absolute Zero

▪ Random Dungeon Finder

    1st Daily Random Heroic Dungeon will now award 150 Valor Points up from 70




▪ Pet haste scaling is now based upon owners auras too

Gurubashi Arena Grand Master  fixed

Implemented Binary-Resistance

Added 35 Dalaran books related to achievement Higher Learning

Mrs. Gant (cooking trainer and supplies) spawned.

Fixed Spidersilk Spindle and Spidersilk Spindle proc and internal cooldown

Sending more than 429496 gold without overlap in mail has been fixed

Michelle De Rum has been spawned

Mailboxes added to Stormwind's Dwarven District

Unmanned vehicles will no longer crit with spells

Player map viewing animation fixed

Maximum target restrictions have been added to Vengeance Landing Cannonfire.

Rewards such as items or titles from completing achievements have been fixed.

Faction change and Race change fixed

Added Ruthless elite sets and offset items to Ecton Brasstumbler, Blood Guard Zar'shi and Knight-Lieutenant T'Maire Sydes

Mini Tyrael  obtained from  Tyrael's Hilt will now float at shoulder-level

Frahun Shadewhisper and Jannok Breezesong will now act as trainers




Gammothra the Tormentor fixed

▪ I Was A Lot Of Things... fixed

▪ The Storm King's Vengeance fixed

▪ Good Help is Hard to Find fixed

▪ Cold Water Fishing fixed

▪ Easy Pickings fixed

▪ The Battle for Gilneas City and subsequent quests will now work again

▪ Assault on Stonard: Stonard Defender damage and faction fixed

▪ Membership Benefits: (All versions) will now be considered Monthly

▪ Corrections to Escargot A Go-Go

▪ Monthly quest system has been corrected

▪ Crucible of Carnage: player will now be recognized if he is already a Champion of Anguish or Ring of Blood

▪ Cooking daily quest givers: Only one quest will be available from each questgiver per day.

▪ 497 creatures have been corrected and are now marked as a Quest Boss

▪ The following quests will now require 350 cooking skill:

    Remembering the Ancestors

    Back to Basics

    Ribs for the Sentinels

    Spice Bread Aplenty

    Cheese for Glowergold

    Convention at the Legerdemain

    Infused Mushroom Meatloaf

    Mustard Dogs!

    Sewer Stew

    The Secret to Perfect Kimchi

▪ The following quests will now require 350 fishing skill:

    The Ghostfish

    Jewel Of The Sewers

    Blood Is Thicker

    Dangerously Delicious





▪ 9 Exploit fixes

▪ 42 Crash fixes

April 25, 2013

April 22, 2013 - April 26, 2013


Threat of Thassarian can now proc from Plague Strike

Scourge Strike will now correctly scale with Mastery: Dreadblade

Gargoyle Strike damage fixed

Bone Shield charges can no longer dissipate sooner than every 2 seconds

Death Pact will now prioritize Ebon Gargoyle before other summons

Burning Blood will now cause the Death Knight's abilities to treat the target as if it had 2 diseases active

Vengeance will now correctly work with absorbed damage

Improved Blood Presence will no longer grant haste bonus


Fury of Stormrage can now only proc from Wrath

Faerie Fire (Feral) now has a 5 minute duration against NPCs

Fandral's Flamescythe and Fandral's Flamescythe: Druid of the Flames fixed


Feign Death will no longer reset Hunter's focus to 0

Spirit Mend healing amount fixed

Improved Serpent Sting fixed

Cobra Strikes fixed

Steady Shot cast time corrected

Serpent Spread fixed

Cobra Shot cast time corrected


Fire Power: Flame Orb will now explode at the end of its duration

Focus Magic fixed

Pyromaniac will now be removed when the Mage logs out


Sanctuary will no longer grant mana on every hit

Light of Dawn will now heal up to 6 of most injured targets in the Paladin's party or raid

Blessing of Might will no longer incorrectly increase regeneration of Energy, Focus, Rage and Runic Power

Guarded by the Light overheal will now correctly create a protective shield

Divine Shield will no longer prevent gaining Holy Power from Crusader Strike

Beacon of Light healing will now proc from correct spells and will now be displayed correctly

Glyph of Light of Dawn fixed


Evangelism will now correctly increases the damage done by the Priest's periodic Shadow spells by 2%

Holy Word: Sanctuary healing fixed

Archangel will now be active for the full duration of Evangelism and Dark Evangelism

Sin and Punishment duration will no longer be reduced by diminishing returns

Divine Fire fixed

Dark Evangelism will now correctly increases the damage done by the Priest's periodic Shadow spells by 1%

Chakra area healing fixed and duration corrected


Savage Combat fixed

Fan of Knives will no longer reduce durability of Thrown weapons


Maelstrom Weapon can now also proc from absorbed damage

Ancestral Healing : Ancestral Vigor fixed

Flametide fixed

Improved Lightning Shield fixed

▪ Mastery: Deep Healing will now increase the potency of all the Shaman's healing spells

Earthbind Totem effect will now be applied instantly

Earth Shield charges can no longer dissipate sooner than every 3.5 seconds

Tremor Totem effect will now be applied instantly


Impending Doom can now proc from Soul Fire and have a correct proc chance

▪ Spell critical strike damage bonus corrected to be 200% according to patch 4.3.4

Nether Protection fixed

Soul Fire can now be learned at level 20


▪ Warrior will now gain Vengeance when targets affected by Vigilance are hit by an attack



▪ Battle for Gilneas battleground graveyards fixed

▪ Battle for Gilneas battleground map icons fixed



▪  Bastion of Twilight released

▪  Grim Batol released

▪  Shadowfang Keep released

▪  Stonecore released

▪  Vortex Pinnacle released

▪  Zul'Gurub:

   ▪ Blood Lord Mandokir's Ohgan is now susceptible to slow and stun

   ▪ Ritual Tiki Mask will now cast Tiki Burn at one random player

   ▪ High Priest Venoxis's Venomous Effusion maze corrected

   ▪ Gas and resurrections in Zanzil's event now have a 30 second interval

   ▪ Zanzil Zanzil's Resurrection Elixir visual effects corrected

   ▪ Zanzil's Zanzil's Graveyard Gas position and visual effects corrected

   ▪ Zanzil's Zanzili Fire area of impact corrected



Reins of the Golden King is now sold by Guild Vendors

Justice points will now correctly be exchanged to honor points

Vicious Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets sold by Captain Dirgehammer will now have correct token requirements

▪ Flightmaster Colin Swifthammer in Stranglethorn Vale faction corrected

▪ Thelsamar Mountaineer in Loch Modan in faction corrected



Exodus fixed

Losing Your Tail fixed

▪ Corrected currency rewards for Tol Barad daily quests

Warchief's Command: Uldum! fixed

Ashes to Ashes fixed

Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows fixed

Val'kyr Incursion fixed

The Maelstrom: Maelstrom portal fixed

Uther's Blessing fixed

Infused Mushroom Meatloaf currency reward corrected

Convention at the Legerdemain currency reward corrected

Sewer Stew currency reward corrected

Cheese for Glowergold currency reward corrected

Mustard Dogs! currency reward corrected

Hero's Call (38 total) quest requirements corrected

Warchief's Command (42 total) quest requirements corrected

The Mosh'Ogg Bounty: Wulfred Harrys corrected




▪ 6 exploit fixes

▪ 5 crash fixes

April 22, 2013

Apri 9, 2013 - April 21, 2013


Quartermaster Ozorg in Ebon Hold will now sell gear to Death Knights


Ravage! now benefits from Predatory Strikes critical chance bonus

Moonfire and Sunfire will now generate energy correctly while Lunar Shower is active

Lifebloom can now be cast on a single target if the Druid is not in Tree of Life form

Swift Flight Form can now be learned from Druid trainers


Toxicology fixed


Dalaran Brilliance animation corrected


Glyph of Divinity fixed

Tower of Radiance fixed


Killing Spree will now also apply bonus damage and immunities

Corrected gold cost of Dual Talent Specialization for certain Rogue trainers


Windfury Weapon attacks corrected


▪ Doomguard's Doom Bolt damage fixed


Disarm will no longer reduce NPC damage to minimum

Second Wind healing amount corrected



▪ Bloodlord Mandokir: Players will no longer lose durability when dying

▪ Bloodlord Mandokir: Ohgan can no longer be taunted

▪ Bloodlord Mandokir: Corrected resurrection timer

▪ Jin'do the Godbreaker: Corrected Phase 2 issues

▪ Jin'do the Godbreaker: Loot corrected

▪ Jin'do the Godbreaker: Twisted Spirits' damage corrected

▪ High Priestess Kilnara: Tears of Blood can now be interrupted

▪ High Priest Venoxis: Corrected Venomous Effusion visual effect

▪ High Priest Venoxis: Whispers of Hethiss can now be interrupted

▪ Zanzil: Zanzil's Graveyard Gas will now be removed from players upon death

▪ Zanzil's Voodoo Bolt can now be interrupted

▪ Corrected the intended encounter areas for all bosses

▪ Bosses will now award correct amount of Justice Points

▪ Fixed Ritual Tiki Masks and scripts improved further

▪ Fixed Master Chef's Groceries , Master Chef's Groceries , Giant Sack , Gub's Catch and Hive Queen's Honeycomb

▪ Shredtooth Frenzy will no longer chase the player to the shore

▪ Bosses are now also immune to Death Grip and Dragon's Breath



Guild Finder fixed

▪ Spells taught by Profession trainers will have correct icons now

▪ Fixed issues with Archaeology

▪ Guild perk: Reinforce fixed

 Fixed formula for damage mitigated by armor

Level-based armor modifiers are now caculated correctly

▪ Fixed boats, zeppelins, deeprun tram and other in-game transports

▪ Major improvements and fixes to core bottlenecks that would previously cause severe lag

▪ 'Already Known' Profession ranks will no longer show up when learning new spells

▪ Multiple visual corrections to the Gnomeregan

 All class trainers will now offer Talent reset and Dual Talent Specialization

Duplicate NPC spawns have been removed

 Added Russian localizations for many objects, quests, NPCs, text and dialogues

Corrected gold dropped by creatures

 Reagent vendor inventories have been corrected

  Flask of Enhancement now counts as both a Battle and Guardian elixir

Corrected Profession cooldowns

 Mount vendor Kall Worthaton in Orgrimmar will now sell Goblin Trikes

▪ Corrected Jitters in Stranglethorn Vale

▪ Corrected Oliver Harris in Duskwood

Justice Quartermasters: Magatha Silverton and Gunra vendor lists have been revised

Hard Boiled fixed



▪ 778 quests have been assigned to quest givers

A Bird in Hand fixed

Weapons of Mass Dysfunction fixed

Latent Disease fixed

King of the Foulweald and King of the Foulweald fixed

Yetiphobia fixed

Blood Theory fixed

Hitting Them Where It Hurts fixed

Supporting the Troops fixed

Gaining the Advantage: Nether Residue will only drop while doing the quest now

The Crucible of Carnage: Calder's Creation! fixed

The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser! (3 versions) fixed

The Crucible of Carnage: The Deadly Dragonmaw! fixed

The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration! fixed

The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror! fixed

The Crucible of Carnage: The Wayward Wildhammer! fixed

The Wakening fixed

 Speaking with Gan'zulah: removed duplicate quest givers

Gold Dust Exchange: Gold Dust drop rate corrected

Assault on Stonard: Stonard Defenders spawned

The Algaz Gauntlet: Corrected Dragonmaw Grunt and Dragonmaw Scout damage

Following quests have been set to auto-complete until scripted:

     Rut'theran Village

     The Battle for Gilneas City

     Slowing the Inevitable

     Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile


It's Goat Time, Baby: Billy's Goat will now despawn when Billy Goat Blaster is used on it

Quest givers and completers Khan Leh'Prah, Chef Audrey and Nahari Cloudchaser have been spawned

Fixed many daily and weekly quests to be repeatable

 Many start zone quests will now auto accept

 Many fixes to pre-requisite quests and class, race, reputation, profession requirements to obtain quests




▪ 7 exploit fixes

▪ 16 crash fixes

April 8, 2013

Apri 1, 2013 - April 8, 2013



Dancing Rune Weapon will now apply it's own diseases and correctly mimic the attacks



Lacerate attack power bonus fixed

Faerie Fire (Feral) damage in Bear Form fixed

Efflorescence healing amount fixed

▪ Health healed by Frenzied Regeneration will no longer be lost if the buff is cancelled

Faerie Fire (Feral) now has a 40 second duration in PvP

Faerie Fire stacks will now be dispelled correctly

Moonkin Form will now increase spell haste of all party and raid members when in Moonkin Aura

Master Shapeshifter will now grant bonus effects in respective shapeshifting forms

Ferocious Bite energy consumption corrected

Primal Madness will now benefit Tiger's Fury and Berserk

Glyph of Ferocious Bite fixed



Frenzy fixed

Steady Shot ranged attack power scaling fixed

Cobra Shot ranged attack power scaling fixed

Arcane Shot ranged attack power scaling fixed

Sniper Training will now correctly refresh its duration while the buff is still active

Aimed Shot ranged attack power scaling fixed

Roar of Sacrifice will now cause 20% of all damage taken to be also taken by the pet

Wild Hunt fixed

Invigoration will now also heal the target

Master's Call will now correctly remove all movement impairing effects from the pet and its target

Glyph of Kill Shot fixed



Ring of Frost effect is now subject to diminishing returns in PvP



Judgements of the Pure will now also proc from absorbed damage

Resistance Aura will now benefit from Aura Mastery

▪ Holy power depletion time corrected

Judgements of the Bold will now also grant mana when the damage is absorbed

Denounce will now proc from Exorcism



Glyph of Dispel Magic fixed



Ambush damage corrected

Honor Among Thieves will now grant a combo point from critical hits by party or raid members



Seasoned Winds fixed

Windfury Weapon proc chance corrected

Cleansing Waters will now also heal the target

Mana Tide Totem will now grant 200% of Shaman's spirit to all party and raid members



Soul Fire will now consume Soulburn buff

Felstorm damage fixed

Nether Ward and Shadow Ward damage absorption amount corrected



Spell Reflection will now reflect all spells correctly, including those cast within the same global cooldown

Juggernaut : Charge and Intercept will now share a cooldown




▪ End Time

     Echo of Baine fully scripted
     Echo of Jaina fully scripted
     Echo of Sylvanas fully scripted
     Echo of Tyrande fully scripted



Ruthless Gladiator's Waistband of Accuracy fixed

Synapse Springs will now increase wearer's highest stat when used

▪ Draenei racial: Gift of the Naaru healing amount fixed

▪ Farrah Facet in Stormwind now sell Epic Gem recipes

▪ Taryssa Lazuria in Orgrimmar will now sell Epic Gem recipes

▪ All cooking recipes have been added to Cooking Trainers

▪ Creatures which had 1 health have had their health corrected on all levels

▪ First Aid trainers will no longer show known proficiency levels when learning new recipes

▪ Archaeology frame visual issues fixed

▪ Private Jackson in Westfall now has a vast choice of blades in inventory

Rope Pet Leash added to Stable Masters

▪ John Shelby in Duskwood faction corrected

▪ Desmond Chadsworth in Twilight Highlands faction corrected

▪ Shaina Fuller has been replaced by Angela Leifeld as Stormwind City's First Aid trainer

Vanishing Powder can now be bought from all vendors that sell Inscription supplies

▪ Mount vendor Ogunaro Wolfrunner in Orgrimmar will now sell Riding Wolves

▪ Mount vendor Astrid Langstrump in Darnassus will now sell Mountain Horses

▪  Ramkahen Legion Outpost spawned in Uldum

▪ Grex Brainboiler, Krixel Pinchwhistle and Leeni "Smiley" Smalls will now sell replica gear in Netherstorm

▪ Tini Smalls has been spawned in Netherstorm

▪ Loramus Thalipedes has been spawned in Azshara

▪ Shecky Shrimpshoot in Swamp of Sorrows inventory corrected

▪ Gold drop from creatures has been corrected

▪ Noblegarden quests related to Commoners have been fixed

▪ Flight Master Gorthul has been spawned in Twilight Highlands

▪ All NPC interaction menus have been corrected according to 4.3.4 and duplicate options removed

▪ Following items have had their prices corrected:

     Vicious Gladiator's Touch of Defeat

     Vicious Gladiator's Baton of Light


▪ Following items will now be correctly coverted upon faction change:

     Knight's Colors into Stone Guard's Herald
     Girdle of the Nether Champion into Belt of the Nether Champion
     Gnomeregan Pride into Darkspear Pride
     Moonkin Hatchling into Moonkin Hatchling
     Spectral Gryphon into Spectral Wind Rider
     Golden Gryphon into Green Wind Rider
     Ebon Gryphon into Tawny Wind Rider
     Snowy Gryphon into Blue Wind Rider
     Swift Blue Gryphon into Swift Yellow Wind Rider
     Swift Red Gryphon into Swift Red Wind Rider
     Swift Green Gryphon into Swift Green Wind Rider
     Swift Purple Gryphon into Swift Purple Wind Rider
     Reins of the Black War Elekk into Swift Warstrider
     Reins of the Black War Mammoth into Reins of the Black War Mammoth
     Reins of the Ice Mammoth into Reins of the Ice Mammoth
     Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth into Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth
     Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth into Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth
     Reins of the Black War Bear into Reins of the Black War Bear
     Reins of the Armored Brown Bear into Reins of the Armored Brown Bear
     Reins of the Wooly Mammoth into Reins of the Wooly Mammoth
     Armored Snowy Gryphon into Armored Blue Wind Rider
     Stormwind Steed into Orgrimmar Wolf
     Ironforge Ram into Forsaken Warhorse
     Gnomeregan Mechanostrider into Darkspear Raptor
     Exodar Elekk into Reins of the Armored Brown Bear
     Darnassian Nightsaber into Thunder Bluff Kodo
     Silver Covenant Hippogryph into Sunreaver Dragonhawk
     Baradin Footman's Tags into Baradin Grunt's Talisman
     Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity into Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
     Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation into Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
     Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty into Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty
     Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity into Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
     Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation into Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
     Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty into Vicious Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty
     Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity into Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
     Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation into Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
     Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty into Ruthless Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty
     Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity into Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
     Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation into Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
     Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty into Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty



Take No Chances scripted

The Light's Mercy and The Light's Mercy scripted

Administering the Salve scripted

Rescue the Fallen scripted

Traitors Among Us scripted

Marking the Fallen and Marking the Fallen scripted

Discrediting the Deserters scripted

Postponing the Inevitable scripted

Amidst Death, Life scripted

Mor'shan Defense scripted

Gorat's Vengeance scripted

Warlord Sriss'tiz scripted

Marauding Crust Bursters: Burrowed Marauding Crust Bursters scripted

The Weakest Link fixed

The Lifewarden's Wrath fixed

Into the Woods fixed

Salvaging Life's Strength fixed

Some Assembly Required fixed

Seize the Ambassador fixed

Death Knight:The Restless Dead fixed

Death Knight:The Purging Of Scourgeholme fixed

Death Knight:The Scourgestone fixed

Death Knight:The Stone That Started A Revolution fixed

Death Knight:It Could Kill Us All fixed

Death Knight:The Air Stands Still fixed

Once More Unto The Breach, Hero fixed

Burning Vengeance fixed

Stocking Up fixed

A Future Project fixed

Mud Hunter fixed

The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb fixed

Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes fixed

Burning Vengeance fixed

The Greater of Two Evils fixed

Gather the Intelligence fixed

Seeds of Discord fixed

Speech Writing for Dummies fixed

Head of the Class fixed

"Magic" Mushrooms fixed

Mulgore Spice Bread fixed

Perfectly Picked Portions fixed

Pining for Nuts fixed

Fungus Among Us fixed

Lily, Oh Lily fixed

Would You Like Some Flies With That? fixed

Pond Predators fixed

The Ring's the Thing fixed

Shiny Baubles fixed

Fish Head fixed

Tadpole Terror fixed

Like Pike? fixed

Moat Monster! fixed

Marauders of Darrowshire fixed

The Demon Chain fixed

Fungus Among Us fixed

Peaked Interest fixed

Escargot A Go-Go fixed

Into The Maw of Madness fixed

Shiny Baubles fixed

Roach Coach fixed

Fandral's Methods fixed

Annals of the Silver Hand fixed

Would You Like Some Flies With That? fixed

The Ring's the Thing fixed

Tadpole Terror fixed

Pond Predators fixed

Blubbergut fixed

Thargad's Camp fixed

The Imprisoned Archmage fixed

Cutting Supply fixed

The Coffer of Promise fixed

Supplies for the Other Side fixed

Out of Place fixed

The Imprisoned Archmage: Archmage Galus' Staff drop rate fixed

Meetup with the Caravan and Meetup with the Caravan fixed

Ashes to Ashes: Andorhal Force-Commanders have been spawned in Western Plaguelands

The Curse of the Tombs: Crazed Digger spawn corrected

The Forging of Quel'Serrar class requirements corrected

▪  One random quest from Lower City will now be available per day

▪  One fishing and cooking quest from Shattrah City will now be available per day

▪ 487 quests related to events are now obtainable

Once More Unto The Breach, Hero and Once More Unto The Breach, Hero Hero class requirements fixed

The Conqueror of Skorn!: Winterhoof Emblem can now be obtained from Chieftain Ashtotem if lost

All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!: Westguard Command Insignia can now be obtained from Captain Adams if lost



▪ 7 crash fixes

▪ 4 exploit fixes

March 10, 2013

March 2013



Necrotic Strike will now stack for different casters

Vampiric Blood will now increase Death Knight's health by 15%

Nerves of Cold Steel fixed

▪ Risen Ghoul's health scaling fixed

Improved Death Strike fixed and will now increase amount healed by Death Strike by 15%

Pillar of Frost fixed

Pestilence: Ebon Plaguebringer will now spread Ebon Plague

Contagion fixed

Anti-Magic Shell will now make the Death Knight immune to Cyclone

Chilblains will now be removed if Frost Fever is dispelled

Dark Simulacrum fixed

Glyph of Pillar of Frost fixed

Bladed Armor fixed

Blood of the North fixed

Necrotic Strike healing absorption fixed

Death Grip will no longer apply a visual movement glitch to the target

Hungering Cold will now apply Frost Fever



Damage over Time and Healing over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

Feral Aggression fixed

Razor Claws fixed

Gift of the Earthmother fixed

Druid's focus regeneration in Cat Form will now be affected by Haste

Glyph of Thorns fixed

Fury of Stormrage will now be consumed after Starfire is cast

Rake attack power scaling fixed

Brutal Impact: Skull Bash will now correctly apply a debuff to the target

Nature's Bounty fixed

Glyph of Bloodletting will now cause Shred extend duration of Rip

Lifebloom final healing bonus fixed

Nature's Ward fixed

Glyph of Starfire will now increase duration of Moonfire

Pulverize attack power scaling and critical strike chance bonus fixed

Revitalize will now cause Lifebloom grant a Replenishment when cast or refreshed

Stampede fixed

Glyph of Healing Touch fixed

Heart of the Wild fixed

Living Seed fixed

Empowered Touch will now refresh the duration of Lifebloom on targets

▪ Eclipse will now reset Nature's Grace  cooldown

Euphoria chance to double the Solar or Lunar energy gained from Wrath or Starfire damage fixed

Eclipse will now correctly energize the Druid with Euphoria

Nature's Grace cooldown fixed

Rip damage fixed

Starfire spell power bonus fixed

Starsurge will now generate proper amount of Solar or Lunar energy

Ferocious Bite damage fixed

Demoralizing Roar will no longer break stealth

Survival Instincts will now reduce all damage taken by 50%

Cat Form and Bear Form attack power corrected

Wild Mushroom fixed

Wild Mushroom: Detonate fixed

Pounce now shares diminishing returns with Maim

Thick Hide will now add bonus armor in Bear Form

Innervate will now regenerate mana correctly

Dash will now grant a movement speed increase only when in Cat Form

Feral Swiftness now benefit  Dash to remove all movement impairing effects

Shooting Stars will now reset cooldown of Starsurge



Hunter's focus regeneration will now be affected by Haste

Pets' attack power scaling with the Hunter's attack power fixed

▪ Pets' health scaling and health scaling with the Hunter's stamina fixed

▪ Pets' armor scaling with the Hunter's armor fixed

▪ Hunter's Aspects will no longer be dispelled when Deterrence is cast

Marked for Death fixed

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera fixed

Fire! from Master Marksman will no longer be consumed by abilities other than Aimed Shot

Kill Command ranged attack power scaling fixed

Claw ranged attack power scaling fixed

Smack ranged attack power scaling fixed

Bite ranged attack power scaling fixed

Wolverine Bite ranged attack power scaling fixed

Kill Command fixed

Deterrence fixed

Auto Shot fixed

Master Marksman fixed

Tame Beast will now tame pets to match the Hunter's level

Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot effects no longer have a travel time

Posthaste will now correctly incrase movement speed after Disengage

▪ Stealthed pets will no longer despawn when the Hunter is out of range

Trueshot Aura fixed

Ancient Hysteria now shares cooldown with Bloodlust , Time Warp and Heroism

Chimera Shot fixed

Careful Aim fixed

▪ Pet armor will now scale correctly with the Hunter's armor

Steady Shot will now generate focus

Improved Steady Shot fixed



Damage over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

Mirror Image fixed

Ring of Frost will no longer freeze targets outside its range

Dalaran Brilliance fixed

▪ Water Elemental's health scaling fixed

Arcane Explosion will no longer consume Arcane Blast

Shattered Barrier fixed

Improved Freeze fixed

Ice Barrier damage absorption fixed

Nether Vortex fixed

Ignite will no longer proc from Molten Armor

Master of Elements fixed

Time Warp now shares cooldown with Bloodlust Ancient Hysteria and Heroism

Dispelling Ring of Frost will now make the target immune to being refrozen for 3 seconds

Flame Orb fixed

Frostfire Orb fixed

Blink fixed

Conjure Refreshment fixed

Ring of Frost will no longer follow the Mage



Seal of Truth damage scaling fixed

Damage over Time and Healing over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

Sanctity of Battle: Haste will now reduce Crusader Strike and Divine Storm cooldown

Templar's Verdict fixed

Holy Light , Divine Light and Holy Radiance will now consume Infusion of Light effect

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization fixed

Infusion of Light will no longer proc from Flash of Light

Grand Crusader proc will now reset Avenger's Shield cooldown

Aura Mastery: Concentration Aura will now provide immunity to Silence effects

Exorcism will no longer apply damage over time without Glyph of Exorcism

Last Word will now give Word of Glory increase critical chance of on targets with 35% or less health

Eye for an Eye fixed

Pursuit of Justice will now grant Holy Power when struck by a Stun, Fear or Immobilize effect

Repentance will no longer break from Censure damage

Speed of Light fixed

Sacred Shield fixed

Acts of Sacrifice will now grant Cleanse to remove one movement impairing effect if cast on self

Blessing of Might fixed

Sanctified Wrath will now allow the use of Hammer of Wrath at all times during Avenging Wrath

Guardian of Ancient Kings fixed

Word of Glory fixed

Long Arm of the Law fixed

Zealotry will no longer consume Holy Power



Damage over Time and Healing over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

Shadowy Apparition fixed

Atonement will now also proc from Holy Fire

Mana Leech fixed

Divine Aegis will now stack for different casters and have a correct cap

Shadowfiend fixed

Each cast of Prayer of Healing will now apply Divine Aegis

Divine Aegis will now proc from critical heals and Prayer of Healing

Leap of Faith will no longer apply a visual movement glitch to the target

Power Word: Barrier fixed

Glyph of Power Word: Barrier fixed

Leap of Faith fixed

Cyclone will no longer cause Shadowform to stack spell power and haste upon cancellation

Mind Spike will now remove Priest's debuffs from the target



Rogue's energy regeneration will now be affected by Haste

Hemorrhage will now award 1 combo point

Eviscerate damage formula fixed

Recklessness is now a buff and can now be cancelled

Gouge will no longer proc from Main Gauche

Blind effect fixed

Smoke Bomb fixed

Ambush damage fixed

Vanish fixed

Shadowstep fixed

Cheap Shot will now share diminishing returns with Kidney Shot

Glyph of Preparation  will now also reset Smoke Bomb cooldown

Recuperate fixed



Damage over Time and Healing over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

▪ Spirit Wolves' health scaling fixed

▪ Mastery: Deep Healing fixed

Focused Insight fixed

Improved Lava Lash will now cause Lava Lash to spread Flame Shock

Totemic Wrath fixed

Nature's Guardian will now only proc from an attack which brings the Shaman's health below 30%

Lava Burst will now correctly benefit from Elemental Overload

Lava Lash will now increase damage if Flametongue Weapon is applied to an off-hand weapon

Glyph of Lightning Shield fixed

Glyph of Healing Stream Totem fixed

Unleashed Rage fixed

Nature's Blessing fixed

Spirit Link Totem fixed

Bloodlust now shares cooldown with Heroism , Time Warp and Ancient Hysteria

Fulmination fixed

Earthquake stun proc fixed

Unleash Frost fixed

Earthliving Weapon fixed

Ancestral Resolve fixed

Healing Rain  diminishing effect corrected

Feedback fixed

Lava Surge will now reset Lava Burst cooldown

Earth Shield will now cause melee attacks to heal the Shaman

Glyph of Thunderstorm fixed

Thunderstorm will now reduce movement speed of enemies by 40%

Tidal Waves will now proc from Riptide

Telluric Currents fixed

Mana Tide Totem  fixed

Unleash Elements  fixed



Unstable Affliction fixed

Damage over Time and Healing over Time effects will now correctly benefit from Haste

Shadow Bite fixed

▪ Minions' health scaling fixed

Demonic Rebirth fixed

Impending Doom fixed

Jinx will now spread Curse of the Elements

Minion health will now correctly scale with the Warlock's  stats

Empowered Imp will now be consumed after Soul Fire is cast

Cremation: Hand of Gul'dan will now refresh Immolate duration

Spell Lock fixed

Mana Feed fixed

Ritual of Souls fixed

Death's Embrace will now increase damage done by Shadow Spells to targets at or below 25% health

Bane of Doom fixed

Bane of Havoc fixed

Fel Armor fixed

Fel Synergy fixed

Shadow Bite damage fixed

Shadowburn will now grant a Soul Shard

Glyph of Shadowburn fixed

Sense Demons removed from database according to patch 4.1.0

Soulburn fixed

Dark Intent fixed

Demonic Circle: Teleport fixed

Burning Embers fixed

Soul Swap fixed

Glyph of Soul Swap fixed

Pandemic fixed

▪ Pet armor will now scale correctly with the Warlock's armor

Nether Ward fixed

Shadow Ward fixed

Drain Life healing fixed

Demon Soul fixed

Improved Soul Fire fixed

Conflagrate damage corrected

Fel Intelligence fixed

Conflagrate damage and scaling fixed

Soul Harvest will now grant a Soul Shard



Two-Handed Weapon Specialization fixed

Bloodsurge will now be consumed after Slam is used

Shield Mastery will no longer proc from offensive abilities

Bloodthirst fixed

Shattering Throw fixed

Gag Order will now grant Pummel a 100% chance to silence the target

Glyph of Heroic Throw fixed

Cleave damage fixed

Improved Hamstring will now take effect only when Hamstring is reapplied

Rend damage fixed

Demoralizing Shout will no longer break stealth

Sweeping Strikes fixed

Second Wind healing amount fixed

Piercing Howl will no longer break stealth

Demoralizing Shout fixed

Shield Bash removed from database according to patch 4.1.0

Heroic Leap will no longer apply a visual movement glitch to the target

Sudden Death will now reset Colossus Smash cooldown

Rallying Cry fixed

Blood Craze healing fixed



Currency received from item refund will no longer modify currency cap

Rated Battleground rating can now be used to purchase items

Season total currency requirement fixed

Conquest points earned this week will now be correctly displayed

Battle for Gilneas has been temporarily closed

▪ Battlegrounds will now award correct amount of honor



▪ End Time

          Echo of Tyrande encounter fully scripted


▪ Zul'Gurub fully scripted

▪ Zul'Aman fully scripted



Goblin racial Rocket Barrage damage fixed


Potion of Illusion fixed


Fire Prism drop rate fixed

Reins of the Kor'kron Annihilator added to Guild vendors

Players can now remove other players from their ignore list

Players will now be able to compare their achievements

[Warsong only] Saronite Ore added to General Goods vendor and Gems vendor inventory

[Warsong only] Glyph of Unleashed Lightning added to Leather and Mail Glyph vendor inventory

[Warsong only] Glyph vendors' names corrected

[Warsong only] Following items have been added to Shaman vendors:

          Ruthless Gladiator's Waistguard of Meditation

          Ruthless Gladiator's Sabatons of Meditation

          Ruthless Gladiator's Armbands of Meditation

          Ruthless Gladiator's Waistguard of Cruelty

          Ruthless Gladiator's Sabatons of Alacrity

          Ruthless Gladiator's Armbands of Prowess

Temple of Earth faction NPCs have been corrected

Reagents vendor Mariahn the Soulcleanser's inventory fixed

Tawn Winterbluff and Tharm Wildfire have been spawned in Deepholm

▪ [Warsong only] New characters will now have 5 Portable Hole bags equipped automatically

▪ Transmogrification fixed

▪ Conquest point cap reset will now correctly reset weekly

Darkmoon Card: Tsunami fixed

Flask of Enhancement fixed

▪ Following items have had their faction specific animations fixed:

          Every Man for Himself ,

          Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity 

          Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity faction specific animations fixed

▪ Following bandages will now apply Recently Bandaged debuff

          Embersilk Bandage

          Heavy Embersilk Bandage

          Dense Embersilk Bandage

▪ Attack power will now scale with character level

▪ Spells and abilities which affect Attack Power will work correctly now

▪ [Warsong only] Following armor specializations have been added to the trainers:

          Leather Specialization
          Leather Specialization
          Mail Specialization
          Mail Specialization
          Plate Specialization
          Plate Specialization
          Plate Specialization

[Warsong only] Characters will now have all class specific spells and abilities taught automatically

▪ Fixed blinking player movement animations

▪ Kezzik the Striker is now in Netherstorm, allowing to Transmogrify old Arena sets he has for sale

Enchant Weapon - Landslide fixed

▪ Donni Anthania is now in Elwynn Forest

▪ Fixed the Authentication Failed issue

▪ All Arcane Reforgers have been spawned

▪ [Warsong only] Runeforges have been added to all starting areas

Billy Goat Blaster can now only be used on Billy Goat

▪ Corrected buff stacking prioritization

▪ Added Ruthless Gladiator's Gear for Death Knight and Rogue

[Warsong only] Trainers now have Dual Talent Specialization menu

▪ Trainers now have Unlearn Talents menu [Warsong only]

[Warsong only] Corrected names for General Goods and Gems Vendor

Vendor prices for following items have been corrected:

          Vicious Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Mail Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Mail Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Linked Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Linked Gauntlets

          Vicious Gladiator's Rifle

          Vicious Gladiator's Rifle

          Vicious Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow

          Vicious Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow

          Vicious Gladiator's Felweave Raiment

          Vicious Gladiator's Felweave Raiment

          Vicious Gladiator's Silk Robe

          Vicious Gladiator's Silk Robe

          Vicious Gladiator's Mooncloth Robe

          Vicious Gladiator's Mooncloth Robe

          Vicious Gladiator's Satin Robe

          Vicious Gladiator's Satin Robe

▪ All client freeze issues have been fixed

▪ Fixed dead Orc Sea Dog animation

▪ Corrected resilience

▪ Fixed issues with jumping animation

[Warsong only] Fixed class trainers

[Warsong only] Fixed Enchantments vendor

[Warsong only] Professions trainer will now teach a secondary profession

▪ Player ban announcements will now be broadcast



▪ 41 crash fixes

▪ 35 exploit fixes

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