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  • Terrace of the Endless Spring has been released on normal difficulty without Sha of Fear encounter.
  • Gate of the Setting Sun has been scripted and undergoing final internal testing.
  • Stormstout Brewery has been fully scripted and released.
  • Realeasing spirit in Terrace of Endless Spring will no longer cause your spirit to be teleported to Westfall. #12167
  • Bosses should no longer drop Heroic loot on Normal mode and Normal loot on Heroic mode.
  • Mogu'shan Vaults
    • Cursed Mogu Scupture are attackble now Feedback #7263
    • Corrected trash immunities
    • Players are now properly binded to the instance
  • Deadmines
  • Dungeon Finder
    • Fixed screen freeze on dungeon enter



December, 2014

  • Battle Fatigue will now stack multiplicatively with other healing reduction auras Feedback #9164, Feedback #10276
  • Spirit-based mana regeneration is no longer affected by intellect
  • Mana regeneration in combat mostly corrected Refs #2727
  • Spell hit-cap values fixed Feedback #3563

  • Mogu'Shan palace has been released (Normal and Heroic)
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple scripting underway

  • Movement system corrections, may correct falling under the map issue, NPCs will no longer follow you in the air.
  • 7 exploit fixes
  • 13 crash fixes

November, 2014


  • Mogushan Vaults (normal 10m) has been released
  • The Deadmines has been released
  • The Steamvault has been released
  • Sethekk Halls has been released
  • Black Morass has been released

  • Entire characters will now be saved when completing a quest to prevent rollbacks Feedback #818
  • 12 crash fixes
  • 5 exploit fixes

October, 2014 - November 20, 2014

Class fixes that took place during the PTR period have not been documented

PvP power bonuses will now properly update when switching specs - animation corrected


  • Temple of the Jade Serpent scripting underway
  • Gate of the Setting Sun scripting underway
  • Rated Battlegrounds have been released
  • Random Battlegrounds have been enabled
  • Corrected PVP power logic Feedback #8459 - see Notes #8459-2 for full list of changes
  • Battleground flags can no longer be picked up while is active
  • Death Knights, Goblin and Worgen will no longer be able to join BGs before they finish their quest chain
  • Spells (Mounts, Companions) and Achievements are now account-wide (Mists of Pandaria realms)
  • Various areatriggers corrected, fixes mutliple issues in Pandaren starting zone Feedback #7982
  • Corrections to phasing and firewalls preventing further progression Feedback #7981
  • Gilneas City zone graveyards corrected
  • Corrections to Isle of Thunder and Timeless Isle disabling-mechanism
  • Overspawn of Sha creatures in Dread wastes corrected, also corrected
  • Interracting with Zim'Torga, Zim'Rhuk, Zim'Abwa objects fixed Feedback #6505, Feedback #2028, Feedback #8368
  • Prophet of Sseratus, Rokmar the Crackler and Magmothregar will no longer be pickpocketable Refs #8826
  • Honor and Conquest vendor prices corrected Feedback #8718
  • All instances minimum level requirements corrected
  • Preliminary work to allow Raid Finder and Flexible raid modes (Scenarios will follow)
  • [Internal] will now return entire raid (without pets) - fixed a few scripts not working on raid-members Feedback #8879
  • [Internal] - it will no longer reduce absorbtion twice when absorb aura has other aura-effects (like Life Cocoon) Feedback #8385
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Tailoring
  • Wandering Isle
    • Spirit Healer added to Singing Pools
  • Gilneas
    • Removed unneeded Worgen Stalkers


  • November 18, 2014 - Passive Anti-Cheat is now active.
  • Internal optimizations
  • NPC Relocation system updated
  • 41 Crash fixes
  • 18 Exploit fixes

November, 2014


  • Setthek Halls has been released
  • Black Morass has been released
  • The Steamvault has been released
  • Scarlet Monastery has been released
  • Onyxia's Lair has been released
  • Gruul's Lair has been released
  • Hyjal Summit has been released
  • Arena system rewritten, active since the beginning of the Autumn Arena Season, 2014.
  • Battleground flags can no longer be picked up with running

  • 4 crash fixes
  • 9 exploit fixes

February 23

  • You are now unable to resurrect when not in line of sight.
  • You are not able to request a new duel when the current one is about to be started.
  • You are now able to trinket the CC when it's being used to interrupt Mind Control.
  • Mind controlled units are no longer able to influence movement.
  • Certain auras are now recalculated after their modifiers are removed ( as an example).
  • Attack timers are now reset when swapping weapons.

  • Pets should no longer be ending up inside of objects and/or walls when following thier owner.
  • Collision code was heavily improved making spells like Blink, Shadowstep and totem spawning more reliable in terms of spawning position.
  • You are now able to ressurect other player's pets with resurrection spells.
  • A LOS check has been added for dead players resurrecting (without releasing).
  • You are no longer able to target units on ground spells and vice-versa.
  • Global cooldown will no longer reset client-side when a channeled spell is cancelled.
  • Precast spells are now being applied when spellstolen (Weakened Soul, Sated)
  • Order in which absorb mods are applied is fixed. #12059
  • and other similar spells will now properly be subject to absorbs & resistances #2436

  • Totem spawn distance has been corrected. (4 yards from the player).
  • You are now able to cast totems while disarmed.
  • Totems are now immune to stuns.
  • is now applied to mind controlled units.
  • Totems are now killable by direct damage spell that also has a DoT component.
  • damage will now only be increased if Flametongue is really enchanted on an off-hand weapon.

  • Missing case values have been added to handling, it was missing second effect handling completely.
  • Aura positivity for poison dispel effects is now checked. #56

  • Players are no longer able to keep their personal rating when switching arena teams.



  • Fixed a bug caused by fear effects that would completely prevent control of character
  • Fixed crit reducing auras not completely preventing crits if spellmod modifier is added after crit chance calculation Refs #3196
  • Commanding a controllable pet with follow / attack commands should also control existing guardians Fixes #11925
  • Checks if an aura can be dispelled have been corrected Refs #6911
  • Fixed spell damage bonus to use no damage percent mods and fixed damage in its calculation
  • Fixes certain effects benefitting from damage increases when they shouldnt Feedback #5880, Feedback #8667, Feedback #8669, Feedback #10493
  • Certain judgement spells are now properly handled as judgements
  • Add missing line of sight checks for triggered spells as well as ground targeted spells
  • Spell immunity auras should now properly remove all auras
  • Mana draning effects should remove auras that break on damage
  • Fixed crit chance for heals with without a spell class (e.g Frenzied Regeneration) Feedback #9502
  • Remove spellmods for spells with travel time on spell launch rather than spell hit
  • Percentage damage modifiers will now stack additively.
  • Fixed offhand damage increasing effects Fixes #2657, Fixes #2655, Fixes #2656

  • Fix pets not scaling with owner hit rating Refs #52
  • Fixed some pet types not scaling with owner stats
  • Should fix pets being able to act while feared Feedback #4225

  • Colission checks have been added for charge effects
  • Fixed an issue with charge effects when used on focus targets, it will now only force an attack start if you're charging your current target
  • Fixed range Fixes #1630


  • Removed wrong code that prevented players from leaving arenas / battlegrounds while in combat


August, 2014 - October, 2014

Casting a spell with attribute [internal] (spells like Heroic Strike that strike when the player's swingtimer would happen) are now possible to be cast from any distance to the target


  • Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Trial of The Champion
  • Ulduar
    • Now available on all Wrath of the Lich King Realms
    • General fixes to all boss encounters
    • Corrections to teleporter / Doors to Vezax
    • Flame Leviathan scripted (Available on Ragnaros)
    • Mimiron
      • Rapid Burst, Laser Barrage, Heat Wave abilities fixed
      • Phase 2 turret animations corrected
      • Model sizes, missing spawns and conditions corrected
    • Yogg-Saron
      • Implemented keeper abilities
      • Implemented enrage
      • Implemented Death Orbs
      • Implemented sanity drop from abilities in p2
      • Immortal Guardians handling corrected
      • Phase 2 and  Phase 3 transition corrected
      • Phase 2 Brain speech sequences added
      • Sanity won't drop below 25% in phase 1-2
      • Shattered illusion handling fixed
      • Lunatic Gaze will reoccur properly
      • Sanity Wells fixed Refs #8002
      • Corruptor tentacles will only target players in prison
    • General Vezax
    • Ignis
    • Razorscale
    • Thorim
    • Kologam
    • Assembly of Iron
      • Supercharge being cast on every npc in ulduar fixed
    • Vezax
  • Icecrown Citadel
    • Valithria Dreamwalker
      • Corrected spawn timers and enrage
      • Will now priodically check for alive players in the vacinity
      • Will now evade if amount of summons becomes unusual
      • Summons will now despawn on death, summon threshold added
  • Battleground statistics will now also count pet damage
  • Players no longer start flying randomly when a battleground ends while they have a fear/confuse debuff
  • End of Round will now be also be cast on players with an immunity effect like Divine Shield and also affect pets
  • Killing yourself in a battleground (using Hellfire or jumping of a cliff) no longer gives the player a killing blow on the scoreboard for killing themselves Feedback #4309
  • The battleground winning team is now decided based on the score (like WSG flag caps or AB/EOTS score) when it ends prematurely instead of the amount of players Feedback #4314
  • Warsong Gultch
    • If you join Warsong Gulch while it's mid-battle, the worldstates of which team captured X flags will now display properly Feedback #4315
  • Arathi Basin
    • The message sent when Arathi Basin is about to be won was sometimes sent when resources were above 1400, this has been corrected
  • Isle of Conquest

  • Optimizations across the board, code cleanup
  • GUID system changes
  • Implemented vehicle attachments
  • Guild and Arena charter issues corrected
  • 27 crash fixes
  • 15 exploit fixes